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If you were in a car accident that caused damage to the front-end of your vehicle, it can be hard to imagine your vehicle looking new again. Before subjecting yourself to the myriad of telephone calls, emails, and letters from insurance companies and body shops alike contact a Charlotte front-end car accident lawyer. A seasoned car collision attorney could help to have the repair process curtailed towards the speedy, effective, and satisfactory repair of your vehicle’s hood, front bumper, or grill.

Front-End Vehicle Repair Process

A Charlotte front-end car accident lawyer could have one’s vehicle fixed by:

  • Fielding all calls about the vehicle from the insurance companies involved and from the body shop(s) who may estimate the vehicle
  • Preserving the accident victim’s right to have their vehicle repaired by the body shop of their choice
  • Scheduling all estimations of the vehicle at times and locations convenient to the individual

Much of the hassle associated with a post-collision vehicle repair is the constant contact with other people and entities involved. With a Charlotte front-end car accident lawyer, the only calls one will receive are from their lawyer, and those calls condense all the information from external sources into a simple, convenient, and easy-to-follow plan to achieve repair of the vehicle.

Causes of Front-End Vehicle Damage

Front-end damage to a vehicle often results from a collision that occurred at an intersection. Someone could have run a red traffic light, blown through a stop sign, or entered a traffic circle without looking. If one was traveling within a traffic circle and another vehicle entered the circle, cut them off and clipped their front-end, that other driver did not yield to the right of way, in violation of North Carolina Section 20-155(d). In any scenario, an experienced personal injury lawyer could investigate the collision fully to hold the appropriate party responsible for their vehicle damage.

Front-End Vehicle Repair Value Approximation

If someone’s front-end vehicle damage was the result of another vehicle not yielding to the right of way, a Charlotte front-end car accident attorney could assist in facilitating the repair of their vehicle. Before a vehicle is repaired, its damages are typically estimated prior to the repair occurring. In North Carolina, if someone requested a body shop to fix their front-end damage and the amount of the damage to their vehicle exceeds $350, the body shop is obligated to provide and prepare them with a written repair estimate before the actual repairs are made, pursuant to North Carolina Section 20-354.3(a). It is important that this estimate is provided to a lawyer, as it will contain the following information:

  • Estimated cost of any diagnostic work
  • Estimated cost for teardown
  • Estimated cost of repair shop supplies
  • Their right to save replaced parts for inspection
  • The cost of any other services incidental to the repair

Contacting a Charlotte Front-End Car Accident Attorney

Imagine your vehicle’s hood, front bumper or grill repaired like new following a front-end car accident. This end result does not have to be imaginary: it can be uncomplicated and performed at your convenience. The investigation of the collision, vehicle insurance, and property damage are only a click or a phone call away. Contact a Charlotte front-end car accident lawyer now for help getting your front-end vehicle damage repaired and your car back on the road.