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Below are examples of cases in which our attorneys participated as counsel for the Plaintiff. The case reports come from North Carolina Lawyers Weekly. Note: each case is different and the results of these cases cannot be used as a basis for predicting the results in future cases. Each case was handled and resolved on its own merit.

Families of Four Individuals Killed in Apartment Fire Settle for $10 Million

The families of four people aged 17 to 19 who were killed in a devastating late-night apartment fire have settled their claims against the apartment complex and the county 911 operators who handled the victims’ emergency calls.

Rural Mail Carrier Injured While Delivering Mail Settles for $5.5 Million

Plaintiff was a rural mail carrier in the process of delivering mail when she was struck from the rear by a tractor-trailer, and was rendered a paraplegic by the accident and also lost sight in her right eye.

Worker Suffers Paralysis and Settles for $4 Million

Plaintiff is an iron worker who suffered paralysis from falling during a demolition project. He settled for $4 million after evidence showed that the general contractor did not provide adequate safety measures.

A Plaintiff Struck By a Commercial Bus Settled Her Claim for $3.5 Million

A plaintiff struck by a commercial bus settled her claim against the defendant for $3.5 million after a post-mediation conference in the defendant’s attorney’s office.

Family of Man Killed on Country Road Settles Suit for $3 Million

The family of a man who was killed after being hit by a commercial truck on a country road have agreed to a $3 million settlement on Feb. 7th, according to the family’s attorney.

Victim of Serious Bicycle Accident Receives $2.3 Million Settlement

A 35-year-old man sustained traumatic brain injuries after colliding with a car while riding his bicycle. The bicyclist was riding downhill when he was struck by a car that failed to brake for a stop sign and crashed into him.

Moped Operator Recovers $2 Million For Brain Injury

A 45-year-old, was operating a moped before dawn on a four-lane bypass highway when he alleged he was struck from the rear by defendant trucking company driver.

$1.5 Million Recovered for Crash Victim

T-Bone Crash Results in $2 Million Settlement

A 35-year-old woman sustained numerous broken bones and organ damage after her vehicle was t-boned by another driver. The woman obtained a $2 million settlement with the other driver’s insurance.

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