Below are examples of cases in which our attorneys participated as counsel for the Plaintiff. The case reports come from North Carolina Lawyers Weekly. Note: each case is different and the results of these cases cannot be used as a basis for predicting the results in future cases. Each case was handled and resolved on its own merit.

Rural Mail Carrier Injured While Delivering Mail Settles for $5.5 Million

Plaintiff was a rural mail carrier in the process of delivering mail when she was struck from the rear by a tractor-trailer, and was rendered a paraplegic by the accident and also lost sight in her right eye.

Worker Suffers Paralysis and Settles for $4 Million

Plaintiff is an iron worker who suffered paralysis from falling during a demolition project. He settled for $4 million after evidence showed that the general contractor did not provide adequate safety measures.

A Plaintiff Struck By a Commercial Bus Settled Her Claim for $3.5 Million

A plaintiff struck by a commercial bus settled her claim against the defendant for $3.5 million after a post-mediation conference in the defendant’s attorney’s office.

Family of Man Killed on Country Road Settles Suit for $3 Million

The family of a man who was killed after being hit by a commercial truck on a country road have agreed to a $3 million settlement on Feb. 7th, according to the family’s attorney.

Victim of Serious Bicycle Accident Receives $2.3 Million Settlement

A 35-year-old man sustained traumatic brain injuries after colliding with a car while riding his bicycle. The bicyclist was riding downhill when he was struck by a car that failed to brake for a stop sign and crashed into him.

Moped Operator Recovers $2 Million For Brain Injury

A 45-year-old, was operating a moped before dawn on a four-lane bypass highway when he alleged he was struck from the rear by defendant trucking company driver.

$1.5 Million Recovered for Crash Victim

T-Bone Crash Results in $2 Million Settlement

A 35-year-old woman sustained numerous broken bones and organ damage after her vehicle was t-boned by another driver. The woman obtained a $2 million settlement with the other driver’s insurance.

Family of Auto Accident Victim Recovers $1.5 Million Settlement

A 44-year-old man was killed in an automobile accident when he was hit head-on by an oncoming van. He subsequently suffered cardiac arrest, leading to his death. His family obtained a $1.5 million settlement.

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