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Under penalty of law, a commercial product marketed and sold to the public must be safe to use under normal recommended conditions without significant risk of harming its user. As such, anyone harmed by defects in such products may hold the entities responsible for allowing an unsafe product to go to market liable for resulting damages.

If you were injured by a dangerous or defective product in Greensboro, North Carolina, consider consulting a Greensboro product liability attorney to help you file your claim. An experienced liability attorney can help you seek rightful compensation.

Dangerous Products

Product liability cases stem from sellers or manufacturers allowing defective or unexpectedly dangerous products into the public marketplace, whether in a brick-and-mortar retail store or through the Internet. There are three typical arguments that permit recovery in North Carolina products liability cases: negligence, breach of warranty, and failure to warn.


An injured consumer may be entitled to recover for any injuries sustained due to the negligence of the manufacturer. If a consumer suffers an injury that can be traced back to errors in manufacturing such as unexpected malfunction, defects during the product’s normal assembly, or failure by the manufacturer to properly check for such defects, it can be the basis of a product liability claim in Greensboro.

Breach of Warranty

There is an express, or inherent, warranty that products are safe to use as recommended for their intended or reasonably foreseeable purposes. If a product is found to be unsafe during normal use, this can be considered a breach of warranty and grounds for a Greensboro product liability lawsuit.

Furthermore, if a product is defective or found to be unexpectedly dangerous, consumers may be able to hold the designer, manufacturer, and/or seller responsible for injuries sustained due to their breach of this warranty.

Failure to Warn

Finally, business entities are obligated to provide adequate instructions to prevent misuse of its products, as well as warnings to notify consumers of any dangers associated with the product’s normal use. For example, a children’s toy with small parts may warn that adult supervision is recommended, and that the small parts could potentially be swallowed. Failure to include adequate warnings may result in liability for any injuries caused by the product.

Statute of Limitation

When a case is taken to civil court, there are generally strict time frames—or statutes of limitations—within which the claim must be filed. In Greensboro product liability cases, injured customers have three years from the date of their injury to file a claim before the statute of limitations prevents them from doing so.

Talk to a Greensboro Product Liability Attorney Today

If you have been injured by a dangerous or defective product in Greensboro, it may be imperative to enlist an attorney with an established track record handling product liability cases. A Greensboro product liability lawyer could evaluate your case and help you explore your legal options. Call today.