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A slip and fall injury can be very painful and has the potential to cause lasting damage and disability if there are fractures to the hip or the back. A recently waxed linoleum floor at a department store or a badly kept sidewalk may be the cause of a slip and fall accident, which may be the fault of the property owner.

If a negligent property owner is to blame for the hazardous conditions that caused the accident, the injured party could file a lawsuit to get financial compensation for medical bills, wage loss, and other damages that resulted because of the accident. A Kinston slip and fall attorney has experience with personal injury claims and can determine if your case may qualify for better compensation than you have been offered.

Slip and Fall Personal Injury Claims

Among the most common personal injury claims seen are slip and fall cases in which a person loses their footing because of a loose floorboard, a pothole in a parking lot, or another obstacle on a walkway that leads to a fall and injury. While we often think of older adults who have more trouble with mobility as the likeliest victims, anyone can suffer an injury because of a fall.

Some of the injuries that may occur due to a fall include:

  • Bruising and swelling
  • Fractures and dislocations, especially the hip, wrist, and shoulder
  • Back and neck injuries
  • Head trauma
  • Spinal cord injury

In these cases, the victim may make a personal injury claim that an insurance company may try to settle without involving lawyers or a trial. However, sometimes the amount a company can offer is not nearly commensurate to the medical costs, wage loss from missed work, and the pain and suffering a victim endures after sustaining serious injuries in a fall. A Kinston slip and fall attorney can help ensure that the maximum amount of damages is recovered.

Determining Liability

The person or entity responsible for permitting the conditions that caused the fall and ensuing injuries may be held liable in many cases and could pay financial compensation to the victim in a successful settlement. A slip and fall attorney will be able to quickly identify if the claim may qualify for more compensation than the insurance companies can offer, especially if there is a strong case against the party at fault.

Most slip and fall cases belong to the category of premises liability personal injury, which is when the owner of a property is found to be liable for injuries that resulted because of their negligence of a dangerous condition that was the direct cause of the fall and injury.

A defective product like a faulty ladder or shoes with too little traction may also be the culprit in a falling injury claim, which means that a manufacturer could be held financially accountable for the costs of the victim who suffers a serious injury with lasting or significant damages because of their product. These types of cases fall under North Carolina product liability laws, and can be prosecuted using a seasoned slip and fall lawyer in Kinston.

Benefits of an Attorney

As common as it may seem, a slip and fall accident can lead to some painful injuries that may take a lot of time to heal fully. While medical bills pile up and possible wage loss adds into the mix, the physical, emotional, and financial recovery of a falling accident can be costly. If the conditions of the property or a product involved in a fall caused the incident, a slip and fall liability case could be made.

If you were injured after a fall, it is important to contact a Kinston slip and fall lawyer to assess your case and determine if you could get better financial compensation for your pain and suffering.