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Parking structures are a common site for accidents involving both pedestrians and motorists. Even though these incidents tend to occur at low speeds, they can still have a catastrophic effect on a person’s physical health, financial wellbeing, and emotional livelihood.

Many of the same laws that apply to driving on roads also apply within these structures. This means that drivers must take obey the rules of the road and take the appropriate care to avoid causing harm to other people they encounter. A driver who fails in this duty may be considered negligent and, therefore, might be held liable to compensate anyone injured in a collision or crash.

A Wake Forest parking lot accident lawyer might be able to help if you were injured in a garage or other parking structure. A well-versed and meticulous car wreck attorney could handle each stage of your claim from gathering evidence and determining fault, to calculating your losses and requesting compensation.

The Duty of Drivers in Parking Structures

As mentioned above, driving in a parking lot places many of the same obligations on motorists as driving on regular roads or streets. This means that drivers should obey all posted speed limits, check their blind spots before taking any turns, and remain aware of their surroundings at all times.

Unfortunately, drivers in public garages and other lots tend to let their guard down due to the relatively low speed of most vehicles. Drivers might also become distracted due to the idea that they do not need to pay as close attention while off of main roads. This can result in a variety of severe crashes, such as T-bone and rear-impact collisions that can result in serious bodily harm.

In these and other instances, a defendant might be at fault if they did not check behind their vehicle while backing out of a spot, if they took a turn at an unreasonable speed, or if they chose to ignore posted speed limits. No matter the circumstances, anyone injured in a parking lot accident in Wake Forest might benefit from the counsel and knowledge of a seasoned lawyer for help in determining who is to blame.

Recoverable Damages Following a Parking Lot Collision

It is important for anyone injured in a wreck to understand the types of damages they might be able to recover. While each case is unique, there are common forms of both economic and non-economic damages that are requested in a civil lawsuit following a crash.

For example, virtually every claim includes a request for compensation regarding medical bills, as these are directly related to the accident in question. However, other economic damages include any costs for physical therapy and rehabilitation, as well as lost wages from missed time at work.

Beyond this, damages might be requested to cover the emotional and physical consequences of a collision. This might include pain and suffering, emotional anguish, loss of enjoyment of life, and loss of consortium. However, because of the subjective nature of these types of damages, they are often more difficult to calculate. To this end, a compassionate parking lot accident lawyer in Wake Forest could work with a claimant injured in a parking lot crash to calculate the full extent of their losses for a claim.

Retain a Wake Forest Parking Lot Accident Attorney for Help

Even when collisions in parking structures occur at low speeds, they can still result in severe injuries anyone involved. Therefore, when another person caused a crash, you should not have to recover your lost wages and medical expenses alone.

A Wake Forest parking lot accident lawyer could help. By explaining your rights, answering your questions, and working to pursue compensation, a steadfast attorney could prove to be a crucial ally through each step of the claims process. Call today to get started on a claim.