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A Social Security disability hearing takes place when a claimant applying for disability benefits is denied. This is because a denied claim can be appealed, known as a Request for Reconsideration. If this subsequent request is also denied, a claimant could then file for a Social Security disability hearing.

If you are seeking coverage for disability and have been denied, you still have legal options. An experienced and dedicated SSDI lawyer could help to explain the Winston-Salem social security disability hearing process and guide you through each step.

Preparing for an SSD Hearing

A Winston-Salem Social Security disability hearing in front of an administrative law judge (ALJ) can be a very stressful experience for many claimants. This is often due to having to talk about sensitive medical problems in front of a stranger, as well as potentially feeling nervous about the outcome of a hearing.

A disabled claimant seeking compensation may benefit from the counsel of an attorney prior to a hearing. A well-practiced lawyer could help to prepare a plaintiff for going in front of an ALJ, as well as familiarizing them with the types of questions that will be asked.

Who is Involved in an SSD Hearing?

An administrative law judge oversees the hearing, which is usually private and held in a conference room or hearing room. Generally, there are only a few people present at a hearing: the administrative law judge, a hearing reporter, and any attorney that the claimant has retained. Furthermore, there is a chance for a vocational expert to be present, depending on the circumstances. A vocational expert’s job is to answer the ALJ’s and attorney’s questions about how disabilities may limit an individual’s ability to do past work or any other similar work.

Lastly, though it is often rare, a medical expert may also attend a hearing. If present, a medical expert could answers questions from the judge about the specifics of the medical conditions that have prohibited a claimant from engaging in work.

How Could an Attorney Help with a Hearing?

During a Winston-Salem Social Security disability hearing, an attorney could ask questions and make opening and closing statements on a claimant’s behalf. A lawyer may be essential during this process because they know the individual and the needs they require. Furthermore, an attorney understands the claims system and what type of questions should be asked in order to try to receive a persuasive testimony. As mentioned above, an attorney could also help to prepare a claimant for the hearing process and be a guide through every step.

The Hearing Process for Social Security Disability Benefits

If a claimant hires an attorney to represent them at a Social Security Disability hearing, the attorney can submit medical records prior to the day of the hearing. Therefore, when a hearing begins, the administrative law judge will often speak with an attorney — if a claimant has retained one —  about any evidence within the claimant’s file, such as medical records. Here, the attorney may also inform the judge if there are any outstanding records that need to be admitted as evidence during the hearing.

After these preliminary matters are addressed, the questioning begins. This questioning is designed to get a testimony from the claimant about the medical problems which have prevented them from being able to work. While some administrative law judges like to begin by questioning the claimant themselves, others prefer that the attorney starts with the questions.

After these questions, an attorney may make a closing statement on behalf of a claimant. These statements may work to tie up the testimony and the evidence from medical records and other documents to try and make a persuasive and compelling argument for benefits. Because of the delicate nature of this process, it could prove beneficial to a plaintiff seeking benefits to have an attorney on their side.

How an Attorney Could Help with a Winston-Salem Social Security Disability Hearing

A Winston-Salem social security disability hearing is not adversarial by nature but is instead a chance for a disabled individual to speak plainly about their need for benefits. However, in order to make a persuasive case, a claimant may benefit from hiring a Winston-Salem lawyer to help navigate the legal process and prepare for questioning.

If you have been denied disability benefits, consider reaching out to a compassionate attorney. To learn more about the hearing process and how you may still seek compensation, call today.