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Trucks are designed to carry massive loads and weight. However, this threshold for carrying cargo of this magnitude should not be pushed beyond the allowed limits. If it is discovered that a truck was overloaded after being involved in a collision, the operator (took out driver as driver and operator are the same) or owner of the truck can be found liable for damage.

No one should have to pay for damages that are brought about by the negligence of another individual. If you have suffered injuries and damages as a result of an overloaded truck, the help of a skilled attorney may be required. To learn more about your eligibility to recover compensation, be sure to get in touch with a Durham overweight vehicles/overloaded truck collision lawyer today.

How Does the Local Law Define Overweight Trucks?

Truck weight limits are established by North Carolina Department of Transportation regulations. When a truck is overloaded and was not weighed properly or did not meet those regulations, it is overweight. It is not common for trucks to operate above the acceptable safe weight limits. Specific protocols and certain penalties and fines are in place for drivers or companies regarding weight limits. This regulation is well-followed by both drivers and the company that employs them.

How Dangerous is it to Operate an Overweight/Overloaded Truck?

Weight limits are associated with stopping distances and physics. Consequently, a heavier truck may have more difficulty stopping. The truck could also behave in ways that the driver is not used to when handling the truck. If the driver does not have the experience to correct the mishandling of a truck, the truck could jackknife, potentially causing many accidents in the process.

Potential Injuries in an Overloaded Truck Collision

The injuries an individual might suffer as the result of being in an accident with an overweight or overloaded truck could be serious. There may be multiple orthopedic injuries, head injuries, or potentially even death. Some victims have even taken years to recover from their injuries, causing them to incur massive medical bills for extensive treatment. There have also been cases in which victims have been unable to return to work since they may no longer be able to perform their work duties as a result of their injuries from the accident.

In addition, when an overloaded truck is traveling at high rates of speed, any type of highway infrastructure or road infrastructure could also be negatively affected.

Call a Durham Overweight Vehicles/Overloaded Truck Collision Attorney

The injuries you could sustain as a result of colliding with an overweight/overloaded truck could be devastating. The injuries can be so severe that you may spend years going through medical treatment, and you may even be unable to perform your basic work duties, resulting in lost wages.

If you have been hurt in a truck accident where the at-fault party was operating an overloaded truck, call an attorney today. A Durham overweight vehicles/overloaded truck collision lawyer could review the details of your case and advocate on your behalf to get the compensation you deserve. Call today to get started.