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While dogs have long been lauded as man’s best friend, not every dog is friendly and safe to play with. These dangerous dogs pose a risk to unsuspecting people who might just wish to pet a seemingly harmless animal. What starts out as a normal interaction can turn violent, and you might even sustain Raleigh dog bite injuries as a result of this encounter. You may wonder what options you have in terms of pursuing damages, and a qualified dog bite lawyer can answer your questions. Consult a skilled attorney that can evaluate whether you have a case or not, and can help you determine what steps to take next.

Examples of Injuries

Some of the injuries that a person may sustain from a dog bite include:

  • Bites on their forearms, hands, the back of their neck, bites on their face, forehead, cheeks, nose
  • Being knocked to the ground and having an open wound
  • Being knocked down and breaking their collarbone or breaking a leg
  • Scraped skin from the impact of the fall
  • Missing skin beyond puncture marks
  • Bruises
  • Cuts

Raleigh dog bite injuries tend to vary in severity. A broken collarbone is one of the most painful injuries someone can have and there are no surgeries that repair this kind of injury. If a person has a scratch that heals completely in a few days without medical treatment, that is going to be at one end of the spectrum. A massive bite on the face that gets infected and requires surgery to clean it out, will probably necessitate plastic surgeries in the future, with countless visits to a variety of doctors.

Lasting Effects a Dog Bite Can Have

Children can be especially traumatized by dog bites because they are still forming opinions and views about the world. A dog attack could lead to post-traumatic stress and a lifelong fear and anxiety around pets, animals or dogs. It can lead to trouble sleeping. Depending on the severity of the Raleigh dog bite injuries, it can lead to a permanent scar (and permanent reminder) of the attack that the person can never grow out of.

Recovery Options For Those Who Have Been Injured

There are certain precautionary measures a doctor might take when dealing with Raleigh dog bite injuries. Infection would be a worst-case scenario, so long-term courses of antibiotics, IV treatment, cleaning the wound and keeping it clean like wound vac or wound care. There are lots of really unpleasant things a person has to do to try to keep the infection from an open wound like a dog bite.

When a person has been injured, their damages would include medical expenses from the hospital or doctor’s office and prescription costs initially. Then there could be future medical bills for future treatment, which may include scar removal, laser therapy, and maybe plastic surgery.

Damages would also include pain and suffering and any lost wages (past, present, and future) if the injured person is unable to go back to work. Each dog bite/attack case depends upon its own facts, but this is how an attorney starts to build the damages of a dog bite case. If you have been bitten by a dog, consult an experienced dog bite lawyer today.