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Burn injuries are amongst some of the more painful injuries a person could receive. A burn injury could also lead to other serious consequences, including lifelong scarring or disabilities. A severe burn could cost someone their ability to make a living or enjoy the quality of life they are accustomed to. An experienced personal injury attorney could provide a remedy for these losses by filing a civil lawsuit.

If you have suffered burns due to another person’s negligence, you might have a viable claim for compensation. With the help of a Rocky Mount burn injury lawyer, you could pursue a lawsuit and obtain compensation from the responsible party.

Common Causes of Burn Injuries

Burn injuries typically occur when a person’s skin comes into contact with a flame or hot surface. This type of burn could also be caused auto accidents involving a vehicle catching fire. Workplace accidents involving hot substances are another common cause. This could include accidents involving steam-powered machinery or molten metal.

Thermal burns are far from the only common burn injury. Exposure to electrical current can also cause severe burn injuries. These currents can destroy skin at the point of impact, often leading to scars or charring. Electrical burns commonly occur in workplace accidents or anywhere that has exposed wiring.

The cause of some burns is invisible to the naked eye. High amounts of radiation can burn the skin, leaving injuries that could be permanent in many cases. Radiation burns can occur due to medical error or even overexposure to the sun.

A Rocky Mount burn injury lawyer could help an injured person regardless of the nature of their injury. When burns caused by another person result in physical or financial injuries, an attorney could assist a victim to recover monetary compensation.

Filing a Lawsuit on a Burn Injury Claim

In many cases, recovering monetary compensation from a burn injury will require litigation. However, there are important factors a Rocky Mount burn injury lawyer must consider before filing suit.

The first step requires a determination of who was at fault. Identifying the at-fault party is often straightforward. When a vehicle accident results in burn injuries, the driver that caused the crash could be on the hook for damages stemming from the crash. In other cases, it might not be so clear.

When burns occur due to a defective or dangerous product, an investigation will be in order. The same is true for workplace accidents or burns that occur on another person’s property.

Once a plaintiff identifies the at-fault party, the next step could involve filing the lawsuit. There are important deadlines to consider when preparing these cases. The deadline – known as the statute of limitations – could bar a plaintiff from recovering damages if the suit is not timely filed. In Rocky Mount, a plaintiff must file their burn injury claim within three years from the date the burn occurs.

Reach Out to a Rocky Mount Burn Injury Attorney

The time and cost of recovering from a serious burn can be significant. While there is no substitute for time, a Rocky Mount burn injury lawyer could help you defray some of the related costs.

By pursuing a legal claim for compensation against the responsible party, your attorney could help you recover damages related to your injuries. This could include not only your medical bills but other injury expenses as well. To discuss your case in detail, schedule an initial consultation right away.