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Bike riders in Wake Forest can travel on streets and roads in the same manner as motorists. While this does require bikers to follow the rules of the road, it also requires motorists to treat a bike rider the same as any other traveler. This includes the obligation to protect bicyclists from foreseeable harm.

A Wake Forest bicycle accident lawyer could help cyclists who were injured in a collision. Even a simple accident could require extensive medical treatment and force a person to miss significant time at work, but a personal injury attorney could gather the necessary evidence to seek appropriate compensation for your losses.

Effects of a Bike Accident on a Victim’s Life

The most immediate impact of a bicycle accident is upon a person’s physical health. It is not uncommon for cyclists to suffer broken bones, separated joints, or a concussion in such incidents. While the injuries sustained in a bike crash are the basis of the claim for compensation, medical expenses are not the only compensable losses in a bicycle accident case.

Depending on the severity of an injury and their needs with regard to the healing process, a bike rider may lose income while away from work recovering. Even if they only miss a few hours to visit an emergency room, lost wages could be included in any compensation package. A plaintiff may also claim compensation for mental and physical anguish associated with the bike accident and driver negligence, including loss of quality of life, pain due to injury, or even missed time with family.

A bike accident attorney in Wake Forest could help injured people evaluate their losses and demand appropriate compensation. This may require collecting specific evidence of harm, such as medical records, documentation of hospital stays, and employment time cards or paystubs.

Demonstrating Defendant Fault in a Bicycle Crash Case

A bicycle crash case is very similar to other accident cases seen in Wake Forest courts. All drivers assume a duty to protect bike riders when they drive, and this duty forms the core of the legal cause of action known as negligence. However, holding a duty does mean the driver of the larger vehicle is automatically at fault.

In order to recover compensation, a claim based on the legal theory of negligence must demonstrate three key elements:

  • The defendant owed the plaintiff a duty of care
  • A failure to perform this duty—or breach—occurred
  • This breach of duty directed resulted in at least one physical injury

Demonstrating the role of driver negligence in a Wake Forest bicycle collision may require intensive investigation. Consequently, many individuals choose to have a bike crash lawyer investigate an accident on their behalf. An attorney could also help ensure a case meets the statute of limitations set by North Carolina General Statutes §1-52, which states that any case alleging personal injury must be in court within three years of the date of the accident.

Let a Wake Forest Bicycle Accident Attorney Assist

The aftermath of a bicycle accident is often frightening and confusing. Riders may be unaware of their rights and may assume a driver had no duty to protect them. In reality, negligent drivers may have an obligation to provide compensation when they are at fault for an accident.

A Wake Forest bicycle accident lawyer could help you effectively seek compensation for your losses. Contact an attorney today to discuss your potential legal claim.