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SSDI stands for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits and the benefits available are insurance benefits. Most claimants pay Social Security taxes when they work. A person becomes eligible for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits as long as they worked five out of the past ten years. When someone becomes disabled and believes they are no longer able to work, they could file an initial application. This lets Social Security know that the person is making a claim for social security disability insurance benefits.

If you believe you are eligible for disability benefits, there are multiple ways for filing an SSDI claim in Winston-Salem. A knowledgeable SSDI lawyer could help you decide which method suits you best. Contact an experienced attorney to learn how you could qualify for social security benefits.

In-Person Application

A person may be able to call Social Security’s 800 number or the local Social Security office and make an application appointment. Social Security could set a date for the caller to visit the Social Security office and complete their application in person. Typically, a person would go to the nearest Social Security office to complete an in-person application.

The best way to get an appointment is typically calling the Social Security office. A person could also go to the local Social Security office and let them know they need to apply. For help with filing an SSDI claim in Winston-Salem, contact a lawyer.

Filling Out an Applicaiton Online

A claim could be followed online by going to Social Security’s website and clicking the tab for online services. That points the person in the direction for getting their claim started online, which is not a complicated process. The site is typically very user-friendly and is designed so that even people with little computer knowledge could complete the application online.

When a person applies online, they could create an account with Social Security. Individuals could work on small pieces of the application, save their work, and log out to take a break if necessary. The process could be resumed simply by logging back in. Filing an online SSDI Claim application could be very easy and may allow people in Winston-Salem to complete their application at their own pace.

There may be very few drawbacks to applying online. A person who is comfortable speaking with someone face-to-face may find applying online inconvenient. A representative for the Social Security Office could sit down with an in-person applicant and walk through the process with them. A person may need to make two trips to the Social Security office if they decide to go in-person. One to initially set up the appointment, and the other to do the application. The Social Security office may not be to give a person an appointment the same day that they initially visit.

Phone Application

An initial application could be filed by calling the 800 number for Social Security, which is 1-800-772-1213, to speak to a claims representative. They could take a person’s information over the phone and send some paperwork to complete to get the initial application started after the call.

A representative could help a person with filing an SSDI claim in Winston-Salem over the phone and could answer any questions they may have. Since other individuals may also be trying to file a claim over the phone, a caller may be put on hold for a varying amount of time until a representative is available to speak to them. If calls get disconnected due to user error or bad connections, the process may become further complicated.

Mailing in an Application

Social Security could mail the documents that constitute the initial application for a person to complete the paperwork and mail back. The individual could review the documents at their own leisure and avoid any mistakes before submitting the application. This could help the person have a successful claim. For more information about filing an SSDI claim in Winston-Salem, consult with a dedicated attorney today.