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The Social Security Disability Insurance program exists to provide hardworking individuals with the compensation they need if an injury prevents them from working. This program is essential to many Americans, but unfortunately, most individuals are denied rights the first time they apply.

However, with sufficient medical evidence and the aid of a Charlotte SSDI lawyer, an injured worker can significantly increase their chances of obtaining the benefits they need to survive and provide for their family.

If you have been denied SSDI and your appeal has been rejected, contact a skilled Charlotte lawyer to learn more about the program and your legal options.

Disability Benefits

To receive social security disability benefits, with or without the aid of a Charlotte SSDI lawyer, individuals will need to meet certain conditions. The Social Security Administration considers any person who cannot perform any “substantial gainful activity.” A person can be considered disabled by the Administration if they meet the following conditions.

  • The injured person can no longer perform the job they performed prior to their illness or injury
  • The injured person can no longer perform any other type of work due to their illness or injury
  • The disability in question has lasted for at least 12 months or will result in death

SSDI does not provide benefits for partial or short-term disabilities, and to be considered for benefits, claimants will have to submit proof from medical professionals.

Additional Factors Affecting Benefits

If the DDS feels that the applicant can work in another field or perform the same job with reasonable accommodations, they may deny the claim. Also, all disabilities will not qualify for benefits. In most cases the following factors will come into play.

  • If a person cannot work at all in any professional field, they will have a much greater chance of receiving benefits. However, if modifications can be made to the existent career of the claimant, they may be denied benefits. For example, if a person delivers packages for a living, and it is possible for them to switch to a career that does not require as much heavy lifting, the SSA may recommend they work somewhere else
  • Claimants will definitely want to contact a Charlotte SSDI lawyer if they are currently working and intend to file for disability. The SSA has strict income requirements, and if the injured person earns more than a specified amount of money each month, they may not qualify. Working can complicate claims, but if an individual is currently unemployed, it will not be taken into consideration

Obtaining Benefits After a Denial

Many applicants will be denied benefits the first time they apply, and more than likely, they will need a Charlotte SSDI lawyer to represent them during the hearing. After receiving a denial, the claimant has a right to file an appeal, and if the appeal is denied, the claimant may request a hearing with a judge.

During the hearing, the claimant and their attorney will present relevant evidence that proves the claimant is injured and unable to work. Most of the time, denials are overturned in court if the claimant presents sufficient evidence.

Hire a Charlotte SSDI Attorney Today

If you need the help of a Charlotte SSDI lawyer, contact right away. Skilled Charlotte attorneys have extensive experience handling disability cases, and can work diligently on your case. Reach out today to schedule your consultation.