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Financial Exploitation Lawsuit Settled by Elderly Woman’s Family

WCNC.com reported on a confidential settlement that a family had reached with an investor, one who is accused by the family of taking advantage of a now 88-year-old dementia patient. The elderly woman owned an old Charlotte home, one that recently fell into foreclosure as she had been suffering from dementia since 2009, according to her doctor. Investors were eager to snap up the property, tear it down, and construct a new home that would sell for a huge profit, and investors were preparing for the foreclosure auction.

One investor, however, the defendant in this lawsuit, is said to have gotten the elderly woman to sign away the property to her through underhanded tactics. This investor is said to have approached the patient in her nursing home in order to get her to sell her lucratively placed home. The elderly patient signed the papers without relatives or even a lawyer present. While this investor said she paid the woman $5,000, no records could verify that such an exchange had been given.

The woman’s children contend that the investor was an intruder who badgered their mother into signing over her rights to the property. In 2013, they sued the investor, and they said they would not accept a payout worth less than the sale profits or a return of the property to their mother. The two parties arrived at a confidential settlement, but the house is known to have sold for $155,000.

Tragically, there are many forms of elder abuse, with financial abuse being particularly hard to detect. Whenever someone commits such despicable acts, the victims and their families have a number of options through which to hold the offender accountable, and to recover the compensation they are entitled to as a result.

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