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Suffering an injury while performing a work-related duty is a troublesome experience that could bring about negative consequences. However, for some injured workers, the experience could be especially stressful if an employer denies work injury benefits. In some cases, in order to obtain benefits, you may have to show that you received or require medical treatment as soon as possible. Speak with an attorney to learn more about this requirement and the laws regarding medical treatment in Charlotte workers’ compensation cases.

Seeking Medical Attention from a Specific Medical Provider

When a person suffers a workplace injury, their employer may require them to seek treatment from a specific healthcare provider. Insurance companies have an interest in ensuring that every injury and claim is as cheap as possible. With this in mind, it is more than likely that they would send the victim to a doctor who the insurance company trusts as opposed to a doctor that is already acquainted with the victim.

When Would a Person Feel that their Treatment is Insufficient?

If the insurance company sends a victim to a doctor and were provided with insufficient treatment, the victim should immediately get in touch with a workers’ compensation attorney. A Charlotte attorney could speak on behalf of the injured worker in order to convince the person’s employer to allow the injured worker to seek a second opinion provided by a medical professional of the victim’s choice. This request may necessitate a combative response from the insurance company, but with a lawyer at the victim’s side, the insurance company may feel the need to give the victim what they want since they have access to professional legal representation.

What is Maximum Medical Improvement?

Maximum medical improvement occurs when a victim would no longer benefit from medical treatment. As a result, an employer would no longer pay for a victim’s treatment since they believe that they no longer need it. Once a victim reaches maximum medical improvement, it is recommended to get in touch with an attorney about receiving some form of compensation in the form of wages or an unemployment benefit.

Options for Those Unable to Work After Maximum Medical Improvement

If someone has reached maximum medical improvement but are still unable to return to work, they have the option of going to work on what is called “light duty”, so long as their employer offers them that option. If that is not an available option, then it is crucial to have an attorney so that they can ensure their maximum recovery.

Speak with a Legal Advocate Today

For injured workers, having their medical treatment paid for by their employers is crucial. However, to ensure that they are given the appropriate medical treatment, it is vital for victims to consult with a workers’ comp attorney has who experience in dealing with these types of cases. With the guidance of a lawyer, you may be able to have your medical treatment paid for by your employer and have access to a second opinion if needed. Schedule a consultation to learn more.