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Insurance companies do not typically want to ensure you are protected and cared for after a workers’ compensation injury. Their job is to represent your employer, which means they usually want to settle your case for the lowest amount possible. While there are many regulations the insurance company must follow, the bottom line is that they are not your friends, no matter how sympathetic representatives appear.

You could find out who serves as the workers’ compensation insurance company for your employer through the North Carolina Industrial Commission (NCIC), the entity overseeing workers’ compensation in the state. Furthermore, when meeting with insurance companies during a Greenville workers’ compensation claim, a seasoned lawyer could work hard to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve.

Insurance Adjusters

After a worker is injured and their employer notifies the insurance company of their workers’ compensation claim, an insurance adjuster contacts the injured party and generally asks them to make a statement regarding their injuries and how the accident occurred. The worker must comply if they are physically able to do so and must give the insurance adjuster a truthful account.

The insurance company needs this statement and access to the employee’s medical records before benefits will be paid. Any worker who receives a Notice of Denial for their claim from the insurance company should contact a lawyer as soon as possible. An attorney could make sure an injured person is able to receive the benefits they deserve.

Private Investigators

Some injured workers may notice individuals following them with a video camera. These people may be investigators hired by the insurance company, checking to catch an injured person engaging in an activity that shows they are not really injured. If an injured worker or a family member sees such a person, they should call an attorney immediately.


When a worker is badly injured or permanently disabled, the insurance company may offer a settlement. This generally occurs when the doctor has declared that the injured worker has reached maximum medical improvement, meaning they are not expected to get much better. The doctor then assigns a rating to that patient to inform the insurance company of their degree of disability or restriction.

Workers must take into account various factors when analyzing a proposed settlement amount, including their age and proximity to retirement and Medicare benefits, their future earnings capacity if uninjured, and their family’s well-being. It is important to contact an experienced attorney when meeting with insurance companies during a Greenville workers’ compensation claim to ensure that the settlement is fair.

Let a Greenville Worker’s Compensation Attorney Help

Do not speak with an employer’s insurance company regarding a settlement before contacting an attorney. When someone hires an attorney, the NCIC and the employer’s insurance company are informed that the worker has legal representation and typically approach negotiations differently as a result.

Your lawyer could ask for any NCIC forms you filled out, your medical records, and a copy of any statements you made. From there, they could interview any witnesses and gather other critical information, and ultimately ensure the insurance companies involved in your case offer you a reasonable settlement amount.

If you were seriously injured in the course of employment, you may need assistance from an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer when meeting with insurance companies during your Greenville workers’ compensation case. Call today to set up an initial appointment and start exploring your options.