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Three Most Common Workplace Injuries

While some professions inherently carry some safety risks, accidents are possible at any job site. These workplace accidents translate into numerous injuries, which also inflict a great deal in missed pay when workers are unable to perform their jobs during recovery. Here then are the most common injuries sustained while at work, and with this awareness, you might be able to avoid these accidents. If you have already been in a workplace accident, then you need to be aware of your rights to compensation.

Injuries related to falls are the number one most common types of injuries sustained while on the job.

This could be anything from a construction worker falling from a scaffold to a clerk who falls from a ladder. These accidents account for a great deal of severe injuries, and they are also one of the top causes of death from workplace injuries. But even broken bones or sprained muscles are enough to rack up serious medical bills as well as force you to take time off of work.

Poor lifting techniques create the second most typical injury sustained in the American workplace.

Lifting heavy objects is part of the job description for many different positions, but almost everyone will have to lift something at some point on the job. If a worker is not properly trained, or is not supplied with equipment such as back braces, then muscles can easily be pulled or strained, or some other spinal cord injury could result from lifting.

Finally, injuries sustained while driving are the third most common workplace injury in the United States.

As unfortunately common as car accidents are, it is no surprise that jobs that involve driving suffer a high rate of injuries sustained while on the clock. Nurses who work at patients’ residences, delivery drivers, salesman, etc. all involve driving on the job. The types of injuries sustained in a vehicle collision could be anything from a minor sprain and whiplash to devastating traumatic brain injury, any of which are enough to sideline someone from work, while at the same time burdening them with hefty medical bills.

If you have suffered an injury at work, learn about the compensation that you could be entitled to when you contact the Whitley Law Firm. An experienced Raleigh personal injury lawyer from our firm may be able to secure the full amount you are owed from workers’ compensation, which could be enough to cover your medical expenses, lost wages, and more.

If you have sustained injuries because of someone else’s negligence, such as a reckless co-worker or a negligent employer who failed to install safety measures, you might be able to file a personal injury lawsuit as well. Find out your options when you call our firm; be sure to call today before your case expires.