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Buses may offer convenience, but they are also responsible for a substantial number of vehicle accidents. When a bus collides with other motorists, cyclists, or even pedestrians, the consequences can be severe. Many times, bus driver error is responsible for these crashes.

If you are involved in a bus crash, an experienced injury attorney could help you evaluate your case. If a negligent bus driver was responsible for the crash, a Rocky Mount bus accident lawyer might help you recover monetary compensation for your injuries. Schedule a free consultation today to get started.

Factors in Bus Operator Negligence

To obtain monetary damages in a lawsuit, a Rocky Mount bus accident lawyer must establish that someone other than the victim caused the crash. Typically, this involves establishing that the bus operator acted negligently.

Negligence involves a careless, reckless, or intentional act that harms another person. There are countless ways a bus driver’s negligence could cause a crash. While any careless motorist could lead to an accident, bus operators are more likely to be at fault. Buses are large and unwieldy under the best-case scenarios. Some common traffic violations that could lead to a bus accident include:

  • Running a stop sign
  • Speeding
  • Changing lanes without signaling
  • Following too closely
  • Failing to yield
  • Failing to signal for a turn

In addition to moving violations, there are other common factors that could result in negligence. If a bus driver was distracted due to texting or under the influence of alcohol, a Rocky Mount bus accident attorney could hold them responsible for the wrecks they cause.

Other Common Parties to a Bus Accident Lawsuit

The operator of a bus involved in a crash might be the most likely cause of the crash, but there are other possibilities to consider. A Rocky Mount bus accident attorney should be aware of all potential defendants in a claim.

The owner of the bus could potentially face liability in a crash. If the bus driver was negligent while working within the scope of their employment, the bus company could be liable for their damages. Additionally, the bus company could be held liable for damages if they failed to maintain the bus properly or hired unqualified drivers.

Some bus accidents occur due to mechanical failure. When these failures result from a defective part, the manufacturer could be to blame. A plaintiff in a bus accident lawsuit could file suit against the manufacturer if they establish the defective part caused the crash. Some defects that commonly lead to bus accidents involve braking systems, headlights, tires, and transmission.

Other accidents could occur due to the condition of the roadway. Every stretch of the road falls under the jurisdiction of a city, state, or local government. If these governments fail to maintain the roadway safely, they could face liability for any accidents it causes.

Speak with a Rocky Mount Bus Accident Attorney

The thought of taking on a bus company in court might be overwhelming for some. These companies are often large, and typically have a team of lawyers. Insurance companies are also usually involved. In some cases, filing suit against the city might be necessary.

While taking on the challenges alone could be too much to deal with, A Rocky Mount bus accident lawyer is accustomed to these legal battles. To learn how a practiced attorney could help, call right away and set up a free case evaluation.