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Thousands of people in Fayetteville and the surrounding areas rely upon busses for their day to day travel needs. This can range from people travelling to run errands, to taking a bus to commute to work, and even children riding the bus to school.

Sadly, accidents with busses are common. Whether a person is injured while riding on the bus or is a driver involved in a collision with these large vehicles, they may have the right to collect compensation for their losses. However, the procedures for demanding these payments varies depending upon the identity of the operator of the bus.

A Fayetteville bus accident lawyer could help you collect the compensation needed to set things right. A dedicated injury attorney can work to gather key evidence of bus driver fault, apply that evidence to the relevant laws, and ensure that any settlement package in the case represents your best interests.

When is a Bus Driver At-Fault for an Accident?

Bus drivers have the same duty to operate their vehicles in a safe manner as all other drivers. This means that they must obey all rules of the road and drive with proper regard for the wellbeing of others. This concept forms the core of the legal concept of duty. If a person who carries a duty to care for another fails in that duty, and someone is injured, that injured person has the right to demand compensation. This is the cause of action known as negligence.

Any person injured in a collision involving a bus may allege that the driver was negligent. This includes drivers of other vehicles, their passengers, and even pedestrians. However, bus drivers also have a duty to protect their own passengers. This is because busses are common carriers who assume a duty to protect their own fares.

Once a plaintiff can establish that the bus driver was at-fault for their injuries, they must be sure to act quickly. The statute of limitations is a law that controls when a court will hear a case alleging a bus accident injury. According to North Carolina Statute §1-52, plaintiffs must bring a case to court within three years of the date of injury. A Fayetteville bus accident lawyer could help injured individuals pursue their rights in a timely manner.

Choosing the Correct Defendant for a Fayetteville Claim

Bus accident cases can be complicated when an injured person needs to choose the defendant to hold responsible. Of course, a negligent bus driver is responsible for their actions. However, that bus driver is also an employee of a company or city government. The difference between these two makes a large difference in bus accident cases.

If the bus involved in the incident is a privately-owned vehicle, such as a charter bus, then an injured individual can sue that company directly for their losses. Because the driver is an employee, the bus company is liable for their actions while on the clock.

Although still possible, the situation becomes much more complex if the driver works for the government. This can include drivers of city buses or school buses. In order to collect compensation, the injured person must follow specific procedures. A Fayetteville bus accident lawyer could help choose the correct defendants and pursue claims using the correct procedures.

A Fayetteville Bus Accident Lawyer May Help You

The aftermath of a bus accident may leave you seriously injured and confused as to your legal rights. The simple fact of the matter is that bus drivers have a duty to protect other drivers, pedestrians, and their own passengers. Any person injured in a bus accident may pursue a case for compensation.

However, these cases can quickly become complex when attempting to hold a government bus responsible following an accident. Every agency has their own procedures and many plaintiffs can quickly become frustrated. A Fayetteville bus accident lawyer may be able to help. Contact a lawyer today to discuss your case.