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Originally signed into law in 1935, the Social Security Act has grown to provide benefits in many situations. The best-known programs within Social Security offer benefits to anyone unable to work before the retirement age. Unfortunately, denials of these claims are common. A Rocky Mount social security lawyer could assist you throughout the process of disputing those denials.

If you have become disabled, you might qualify for benefits under a social security program. Ensuring that your claim is treated fairly could best be achieved with the help of experienced legal counsel. A compassionate personal injury attorney could assist you with filing a claim or appealing an unfair denial. To get started on your claim, reach out today and schedule a free consultation.

Purpose of Social Security Benefits in Rocky Mount

Social security income benefits are covered by general fund taxes. These benefits are intended for low-income families that include a household member with severe disabilities. A Rocky Mount social security lawyer could advise anyone considering a claim for social security income benefits on whether they qualify.

The determining factor in most social security income claims is the families’ asset threshold. Since these benefits are intended for low-income residents, anyone that earns above a certain threshold is not eligible. Single applicants must have less than $2,000 in combined assets to qualify, while couples can own no more than $3,000 in assets. These limits do not count money held in ABLE accounts – specialized savings accounts for disabled people.

In addition to asset limits, there are also restrictions on income. Income limits for the purposes of social security benefits are far broader than just calculating money earned at work. Income also includes any government benefits, gifts, or charitable contributions. Income is calculated by household, meaning children applying for benefits will have the income of live-in parents counted against them.

What is Social Security Disability Income?

While social security disability income covers the same medical conditions as SSI benefits, availability differs in two important ways. The first major difference involves asset requirements. While SSI benefits are strictly limited to low-income households, there are no asset requirements for these disability benefits. In fact, it is possible to recover on a social security disability income claim while living with a spouse that works full-time.

The other important difference relates to work requirements. While SSI is available regardless of a person’s prior history, the same is not true for disability income. These benefits are paid out of payroll tax receipts, so full benefits are only available to those who have paid into payroll taxes over a long period of time. Generally speaking, the more time a person has spent working, the more likely they are to be eligible for benefits. This calculation can be difficult, but a Rocky Mount social security lawyer could help a potential candidate determine if they are eligible.

Speak with a Rocky Mount Social Security Attorney Right Away

A Rocky Mount social security lawyer could play an important role in the process of pursuing benefits. Navigating this process can require experience, which an attorney could provide.

Not every type of disability will result in a successful benefits claim. That said, it is always worth discussing your options during a free consultation to learn if you might be covered.