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Any type of automobile collision can have terrible consequences, but a rear-end collision can be particularly hard to recover from. A rear-end collision is a traffic accident in which a car or truck crashes into the vehicle in front of it. Some factors that contribute to these kinds of collisions include drivers who are distracted by electronic devices, following the other vehicle too closely, panic stops, and reduced traction due to slick pavement.

If you or a loved one has been involved in this type of accident, you need advice from a Winston-Salem rear-end collision lawyer with experience dealing with the very specific issues that arise in these cases. Get in touch with a compassionate accident attorney right away to begin your case.

Common Causes of Rear-End Car Accidents

Probably the most common scenario is a sudden stop by the first car (for example, to avoid someone crossing the street) so that the car behind does not have the time to brake and collides with it. Alternatively, the following car may accelerate more rapidly than the leading car (for example, when leaving an intersection), resulting in a collision.

According to data reported by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, rear-end collisions account for roughly one-quarter of all serious traffic accidents.

A basic rule of the road requires a vehicle to be able to stop safely if traffic is stopped ahead of it. If it cannot stop safely, due to not leaving enough stopping distance or lack of attention, the driver is not driving as safely as the person in front.

Common Injuries

One common injury in rear-end collisions, even ones that happen at moderate speed, is the kind of neck injury known as whiplash. The rearmost passengers in minivans are more likely to be injured or killed in a rear-end collision.

Proving Fault

If there is a dispute about how the collision occurred, the damage to the vehicles generally proves how it happened. If one car’s front end is damaged and the other’s rear end is, there cannot be much argument about who struck whom. The driver of the following car may have a claim against someone who caused the first vehicle to stop suddenly, but that does not change his or her responsibility for the injuries and damage to the first car.

But the drivers who cause rear-end collisions often try to reduce their liability by alleging “comparative negligence” on the part of the driver of the first car. One way to do this is to allege that one or both of the brake or tail lights on the first car were malfunctioning, especially if the accident happened at night.

Or they might claim that the first driver had mechanical problems but failed to do all they could to move the vehicle off the road. A Winston-Salem rear-end collision lawyer can help individuals determine which approach is right for them.

Contact a Winston-Salem Rear-End Collision Attorney Today

In the aftermath of a car accident, many issues must be addressed at once, including health care costs, car repair, and paying for alternative transportation. An individual who is trying to get money out of an insurance company for the first time will often find that the offers are much less than expected.

For these reasons, it is crucial to speak with a Winston-Salem rear-end collision lawyer as soon as possible after an accident. Your attorney can explain the realities of the situation, gather evidence, and make sure all parties get a thorough medical examination. Do not wait another minute before obtaining the assistance you need.