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One of the more common types of car accidents in Fayetteville involves a rear-end collision. Such accidents can occur for various reasons, including the inattention of the other driver or a failure to timely apply the brakes when the driver in front stops. If you or someone you know has been the victim of a rear-end accident, a Fayetteville rear-end car accident lawyer could help. Reach out to an experienced car crash attorney as soon as possible to discuss your situation.

Why Fault is Critical in Fayetteville

Generally, a person causing a rear-end collision is found to be responsible for the accident. This issue is of paramount importance in North Carolina due to its contributory negligence law. In North Carolina, if an injured party is found as little as one-percent responsible for an injury-causing accident, in many cases their recovery is barred against the other driver.

Importantly, this rule only applies where the negligence of the injured party contributed to the accident. This can be a highly fact-intensive inquiry, and therefore it may benefit an injured driver or passenger to speak with a Fayetteville car accident attorney.

Exceptions to Contributory Negligence

Although North Carolina’s contributory negligence law can produce draconian results for an injured claimant, there are significant exceptions to the law. One such exception, known as the “last clear chance” doctrine, states that even where the injured claimant was negligent, if the other driver had a reasonable opportunity to avoid the accident, and failed to do so, contributory negligence might not bar the claim. As this may be of particular significance in a rear-end case, an injured party might benefit from a discussion with a Fayetteville rear-end car accident lawyer.

Another potential exception which might apply is where the other driver’s conduct is wanton or willful, such as in the drunk driving context. In such cases, the contributory negligence of the injured claimant may be excused.

It is also worth noting that certain other behaviors, such as the failure of the injured party to wear a seatbelt, may not be used as evidence of contributory negligence. A Fayetteville rear-end car injury attorney might assist in determining if an exception applies in a given case.

Filing a Claim for a Rear-End Car Accident

In North Carolina, a party injured by the negligence of another generally has three years after the accident to bring suit or their claim may be time-barred. As such, it may be beneficial to contact a Fayetteville accident lawyer as soon as practicable.

A person injured in a rear-end car accident may be entitled to various damages, which might include:

  • Payment for medical expenses associated with the accident
  • Compensation for pain and suffering arising from those injuries
  • Compensation for lost wages and future reduced earning capacity resulting from those injuries
  • Property damage for damage to the vehicle

A Fayetteville rear-end car accident lawyer might be useful in ascertaining a damage claim after an accident.

How a Fayetteville Rear-End Car Accident Attorney Could Help

Recovering after a car accident can be difficult. One way in which you might receive assistance in that regard is to speak with a Fayetteville rear-end accident lawyer, who might help you assert your rights against an offending driver. To learn how an attorney can help, call today.