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Many people imagine rear-end collisions when they think about accidents that occur on Fayetteville’s roads and streets. These are any accidents where the impact affects the back end of the plaintiff’s car. Even at relatively low speeds, these collisions might inflict severe neck, back, and head injuries.

No matter how severe your injuries are, it is still a requirement that you prove another driver to be at fault for the accident. Just because another driver hit you from behind does not automatically place that driver at fault. In addition, Fayetteville is in a contributory negligence state meaning that you need to prove that the other driver is one hundred percent at fault to obtain compensation.

A Fayetteville rear-end car accident lawyer may be able to help you to pursue your claim. Attorneys could help to gather evidence concerning the crash, evaluate your losses, and prove that another driver and their insurance company are liable to provide payment.

Why Does a Rear-End Car Accident Occur?

Rear-end accidents are perhaps the most common forms of collisions that result in personal injuries. The simplest example of these are cases where a driver is sitting in their car at a red light, and another driver comes up from behind, fails to stop, and causes a collision. In these examples, it is fairly clear that the moving car is at fault for this accident.

However, many other examples of rear-end car accident cases are more nuanced. This especially applies to cases where both vehicles are moving at the time of impact. Here, parties need to consider whether a defendant was tailgating, if the plaintiff came to a sudden, unnecessary stop, or if a plaintiff did not have proper working taillights that did not alert the defendant to their deceleration.

In sum, most rear-end car accident cases involve a balancing act of evaluating the actions of both drivers. Plaintiffs in these cases need to be aggressive in proving their case. Fayetteville courts utilize the concept of contributory negligence in accident cases. This means that if a jury believes that a plaintiff is even one percent to blame for an incident, that plaintiff cannot collect payment. A Fayetteville rear-end car accident lawyer could work with injured individuals to prove a plaintiff’s claim beyond any doubt.

How a Rear-End Car Accident Could Affect a Person’s Life

Any car accident might have a long-lasting impact on the lives of the people involved. When attorneys examine the effects on an injured plaintiff, it is necessary to evaluate the full losses that the plaintiff endures.

Of course, the central aspect of a rear-end car accident claim is the resulting personal injury. The injury does not need to threaten a person’s life, but it does need to be so severe as to require medical attention. Common examples of injuries in rear-end car accidents include:

  • Neck and back strains
  • Hip or shoulder dislocations
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Broken bones

Any of these injuries may serve as the foundation for a claim. But to pursue a claim for full compensation, a plaintiff must evaluate the impact of the accident on all areas of their life.

Many plaintiffs suffer economic losses in the form of property damage or lost earnings. If an accident totals a plaintiff’s car, their insurance may not cover the full loss. Many victims also lose wages from missing some time at work or because of a permanent disability. At-fault defendants are responsible for covering these losses.

Non-economic losses could also form a portion of a claim. When a plaintiff loses out on a general quality of life through pain, mental anguish, or lost time with loved ones, they may also claim these losses in a lawsuit. A Fayetteville rear-end car accident lawyer could assist plaintiffs to measure an individual’s losses and to demand full payments from negligent defendants.

A Fayetteville Rear-End Car Accident Lawyer Could Help You

Being involved in a rear-end car accident and filing a claim for damages may seem like a straightforward proposition. Many plaintiffs make the mistake of assuming that because they were hit from behind that another party is to blame. The plain fact is that no car accident cases are simple, and working with an attorney may increase your chances for obtaining the compensation that you deserve.

A Fayetteville rear-end car accident lawyer could help during every stage of your claim. From filing the initial paperwork with the defendant’s insurance company, to providing official statements of your version of events, to gathering evidence concerning the defendant’s negligence and your losses, an attorney could help to press your claim in a powerful and diligent manner. North Carolina Statute §1-52 gives you only three years from the date of the accident to pursue a claim, so don’t hesitate to contact a Fayetteville rear-end car accident lawyer today.