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Every day, millions of passengers fly the open skies to destinations around the globe. On an annual basis, the worldwide airline industry is responsible for transporting billions of individuals to almost every corner of the earth. With the ever-growing developments in aviation technology, the vast majority of these flights reach their final destination safely and with little to no issues. However, sometimes a catastrophic incident occurs that results in a deadly and devastating airplane crash. When this happens, the airline, the manufacturer of the plane, or another party may bear legal responsibility for this tragic loss of life.

If you lost a loved one in an airplane crash, you might have grounds to file a wrongful death claim. An airplane crash wrongful death in Raleigh attorney can investigate the incident to determine whether negligence played a role in the crash. If you suspect that the crash may have been preventable if not for someone’s negligence, you should speak with a skilled aviation attorney who can safeguard your legal rights and collect the evidence needed to build a compelling claim for wrongful death damages.

Determining Liability for an Airplane Crash

Depending on the series of events leading to an airplane crash, there may be numerous parties who share liability for the deadly incident. One of the first parties an attorney will investigate for potential liability is the manufacturer of the aircraft. Many fatal crashes have resulted from a flaw in the aircraft’s manufacturing or design. If the manufacturer bears fault for the crash, they may be legally liable under either the doctrine of negligence or the legal theory of strict liability.

For example, the manufacturer could be liable for negligence if the company failed to use reasonable care in its production of the aircraft, resulting in a critical equipment component malfunctioning mid-flight that caused the plane to crash. On the other hand, the doctrine of strict liability could apply if an inherent flaw in the aircraft’s design was the cause of the crash. Besides the manufacturer, a Raleigh attorney would investigate all other potential parties who could be legally responsible for an airplane crash resulting in wrongful death. The airline could be accountable if the pilot’s error was behind the incident. In some cases, a mistake by air traffic control may result in a deadly crash.

The process of investigating liability for an airplane crash is very complicated. It requires the aid of an experienced Raleigh attorney who can piece together the evidence and consult with national or international experts to build a robust claim for wrongful death damages. If a plane crashes, federal agencies such as the National Transportation Safety Board will launch an inquest into the factors that led to the accident and who is responsible. An attorney who is well-versed in the specific nuances of aviation law, can consult with industry experts and obtain all available data to determine what damages may be possible for a family who lost their loved one in a crash.

Wrongful Death Compensation for Affected Families Following an Airplane Crash

Families who lose a family member in an airplane crash may enlist a Raleigh lawyer to help them pursue several types of compensation in a wrongful death lawsuit. Damages such as pain, suffering, emotional trauma, loss of consortium, loss of society, and loss of companionship may be sought.

In some wrongful death aviation lawsuits, punitive damages may be recoverable if the defendant was egregiously negligent or showed a wanton disregard of safety or human life. The victim’s family may also be able to claim damages for loss of the wages the deceased could have reasonably earned if not for the fatal crash, along with loss of inheritance from the decedent.

Contact a Raleigh Attorney Today About Filing an Airplane Crash Wrongful Death Claim

If your family has suffered the devastating loss of a loved one in a plane crash, you need to contact an airplane crash wrongful death in Raleigh lawyer. An attorney can work hard to win justice on behalf of your family and hold the liable party or parties accountable for their negligence. Contact a Raleigh attorney today to discuss what options may be available to pursue a wrongful death claim.