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Who is to Blame For Defective Products?

Who is to Blame For Defective Products?

In the legal community, a defective or dangerous product is a product that is considered unreasonably safe for its intended use or purpose.  When people engage in reasonable use of a product, use a product as intended, and follow directions and warning labels, they should not suffer injuries.

Anytime people have been injured by a dangerous or defective product, they should know that the product’s defects could link back to a manufacturer, designer, or even retailer.  Generally speaking, there are three main reasons why some products are defective:

1)  The products are manufactured as intended, but are not safe for intended use.  This is called a design defect.

2)  The products’ design is safe, but the products were made with flaws that may cause harm to consumers.  This is known as a manufacturing defect.

3)  The products’ instructions or warning labels are insufficient or fail to provide consumers with warnings about potential hazards.  This is known as insufficient warning label.

If you have been injured by a defective or dangerous product, now is the time to contact our law office and discuss your case with a Raleigh personal injury attorney.