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Running is a common activity in Raleigh, especially since there are lots of little boutique running stores downtown. There are running clubs that meet after work. It is a very active and fit community. Raleigh has a great climate, so many runners and joggers are outside year-round. However, there are dangers that come with running, especially if pedestrians are not careful when driving. Pedestrian accidents involving runners in Raleigh are common and can result in serious and sometimes fatal injuries for the runners. If you have been injured in a pedestrian accident while running, it is imperative that you get in touch with a seasoned pedestrian accident attorney that could help you file a personal injury claim. Speak with a lawyer today and know that you are in good hands.

Areas Zoned for Runners

The rules are the general traffic safety laws and the laws that apply to pedestrians. Raleigh has a large greenway system that is not on the road and that is a safe place for runners. There are plenty of sidewalks and the areas where people would be running are relatively well-lit. It is a friendly town in that regard. There are also areas specifically zoned for runners, in order to avoid pedestrian accidents involving runners in Raleigh.

The Glenwood South neighborhood is popular around North Hills. There is Lake Johnson, Shelley Lake. The American Tobacco Trail is only about 20 minutes away. There are lots of good options for outdoor running in Raleigh.

There is a greenway, which is about running. It is 100 miles. As far as where it would intersect with the road, there is not any part of town that has been zoned for running. There are bike lanes and sidewalks. It is a friendly, active workout place. There are also crosswalks and traffic lights at points where people are supposed to cross the street.

Behaviors That Can Put Pedestrians at Risk

Driving behaviors that can put runners at risk are speeding, driving distracted, driving without the lights on, not obeying traffic signals, and not keeping a lookout.

Some running behaviors that can contribute to pedestrian accidents include having earbuds in and having the music turned up so they cannot hear anything, as well as not wearing reflective clothing, not having a flashlight or other flashing mechanism if it is after dark, and generally not being aware of surroundings and oncoming traffic.

Safety Measures Runners Can Take

One one of the measures runners can take in order to avoid collisions is wearing reflective clothing. If they are in all black, they are less likely to be seen, so it is important to have reflective clothing. If one has a flasher, flashlight, or something to illuminate them, it can help, as well. Pedestrians should try to stick to areas that are somewhat well-lit in.

Other safety measures people can take to avoid pedestrian accidents involving runners in Raleigh are avoiding distraction and staying aware of their surroundings. Runners should also employ defensive techniques like looking to see if there is anything down the way or turning. People should avoid blindly entering the intersections without looking both ways.

Steps to Take Following a Pedestrian Accident Involving Runners in Raleigh

If an individual has been hit in a pedestrian accident, they should to go to the hospital as soon as possible. If they are a serious runner, their damages may mean not being able to run for six months or a year because of significant injuries were sustained. A runner wants to make sure they get treatment so that if running is a passion or joy of theirs, they are able to do it again in the future. If an individual wants to know more about pedestrian accidents involving runners in Raleigh, they should speak with a capable pedestrian accident lawyer that could answer their questions.