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There are a variety of ways Raleigh pedestrian accidents can happen, and there are several risk factors present in many common accidents. Accidents typically involve a distracted driver who might be texting or drinking coffee. They may pull up to a crosswalk and have a red light but be trying to make a right turn and not be paying attention to pedestrians who are in the crosswalk. Accidents can also involve children and poor weather.

Experienced pedestrian accident lawyers often see runners or joggers who are out early in the morning or in the evening when it is dark out or dusk. They may not be as visible to traffic which runs the risk of those runners being hit by vehicles causing really serious accidents. To better understand the various risk factors

Role of Regional Weather Patterns

If it is raining and foggy, it is going to be more difficult to see a pedestrian whether they are on the side of the two-lane rural road or at a crosswalk in the city. Where the weather makes visibility more difficult, seeing the pedestrian is going to be more difficult. That applies to bicyclists as well. Heavy rain causes difficulties both from the pedestrian side and from the vehicle side.

Another weather difficulty contributing to risk factors of Raleigh pedestrian accidents can be really bright sunshine. If the person is driving or walking during peak sunlight in the middle of the afternoon, it may cause a glare so that the driver in temporarily blinded and may lose control of the vehicle or not see a pedestrian on the side of the road.

Risk Factors for Children and Teens

Children and teens are typical individuals involved in Raleigh pedestrian accidents because children are not as aware of danger as adults are. One reason children are often involved in pedestrian accidents is that they are smaller, and therefore, more difficult to see. They may break free from their mom’s hand for just a few seconds and run out in traffic and not know that they should not be doing that. Children need to be especially careful near busy roadways, intersections, etc. Any impact of the vehicle has the potential for detrimental physical consequences due to their smaller size.

Whether a teenager is on a bike or a pedestrian, if they have ear buds in, they will not hear traffic coming or a horn being blown. They are more likely to become a distracted from what is going on around them. Crossing in a crosswalk and looking down at a cell phone puts teens and others at risk of a pedestrian accident. Even if the person has the go-ahead signal that it is clear, it is still important to pay attention. Distraction is one of the biggest issues for teens because they may not be aware of their surroundings.

Likelihood of Accidents Involving the Elderly

If they cannot move quickly and have difficulty hearing, they are more at risk. If they are not able to hear traffic coming or horns blowing, may not be as aware of danger. The reaction time for these types of individuals involved in Raleigh pedestrian accidents may not be as high. If a car is coming, they may not be able to jump out of the way as others with the full capability of paying full attention. Wandering into traffic is a typical cause of the elderly risk of being in a Raleigh pedestrian accident.

Impact of Tourism

Tourists contribute to pedestrian accidents because they are often paying attention to sightseeing rather than walking safely. Drivers also tend to get impatient when there is a large group of people blocking intersections. If tourists are causing a delay, people who live in town may begin to drive a little more aggressively than they otherwise would to try to get away from it.