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Boating in the Fayetteville area is many peoples’ favorite leisure activity. This can include driving a powerboat, going fishing, or kayaking and canoeing. Sadly, these activities can be dangerous when exposed to the negligence of other boaters.

There are rules that govern the safe operation of boats on lakes and river. Boaters who are ignorant of, or who choose to ignore these laws are legally responsible when involved in an accident. This could result in civil liability to provide injured people with compensation for their losses.

A Fayetteville boat accident lawyer could help you pursue these at-fault boaters for damages. With the help of a skilled injury lawyer you can work towards payments for losses including outstanding medical bills, lost earnings, and mental anguish.

The Rules that Govern Safe Boating in Fayetteville

Responsible boat operation is similar to safe driving. State and local laws control important issues such as maximum speed, proper lighting at night, right of way considerations, and even prohibit boating while intoxicated. While a boater who violates these laws may be criminally responsible, a violation that results in an injury may indicate that this driver is also civilly responsible.

Boating injuries that are the result of intentional actions are rare. Instead, a plaintiff must prove that the defendant’s actions were negligent. This means that they acted in a reckless or careless manner and thus caused an injury in an accident. As discussed above, boating while intoxicated, a failure to follow navigational buoys, and speeding are all examples of negligent boating.

However, even the most obvious case of boater negligence will fail to result in proper compensation if an injured person does not act on time. The statute of limitations in Fayetteville controls when a court will hear a personal injury case. According to North Carolina Statute §1-52, plaintiffs have only three years to come forward. A Fayetteville boat accident lawyer could help prove defendant negligence and pursue cases in a timely manner.

Common Examples of Injuries in Boat Accidents

Boat accidents can inflict injuries very similar to those in car accidents. Even the smallest vessels weigh many hundreds of pounds and can exert extreme force upon collision. This can result in a wide variety of injuries including:

  • Severe cuts and bleeding
  • Sprained ligaments or tendons
  • Separated joints
  • Broken bones
  • Concussions

Making matters worse, the impact may throw a person overboard or affect one already in the water. Severe injuries may then expose this person to drowning. Negligent boaters are responsible for the consequences of their actions, no matter how severe the injuries.

As a result, an injured plaintiff may demand payment for all medical bills associated with their past or future treatment. However, a comprehensive claim will examine the full impact of the incident upon their lives.

Claims may also demand payments for any lost income due to an inability to work, any mental anguish now experienced by the plaintiff, and even a loss of quality of life. A Fayetteville boat accident lawyer could help properly value claims and pursue appropriate compensation.

A Fayetteville Boat Accident Lawyer Could Stand Up for You

People injured in boat accidents may be frightened and confused. They may not know their rights as injured plaintiffs and may feel intimidated by insurance companies. The simple truth is that people injured due to the negligence of other boaters have the right to collect compensation for all their losses. This can include claims for medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

A Fayetteville boat accident lawyer could help pursue these cases. They can work to gather evidence of the incident, use that evidence to form demand packages, and use these demand packages to obtain compensation, often without going to court. Contact a lawyer today to schedule a consultation.