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When working in many professions, you do not expect to be at risk for injuries or illnesses. However, people could still suffer debilitating injuries due to workplace accidents or while in the course of their employment. If you are in this situation, contacting a Fayetteville workers’ compensation lawyer may be highly beneficial.

Whether your illness or injury places you temporarily off work or causes permanent impairment, you may be entitled to benefits through the workers’ compensation program. This state program can provide workers with specific types of compensation for work-related injuries, regardless of fault. A skilled attorney can be instrumental in successfully obtaining the benefits that you need while you are off work.

Filing for Workers’ Compensation in Fayetteville

Under the North Carolina Workers’ Compensation Act, employers with a minimum number of employees must provide this form of insurance for their employees. Benefits under this type of insurance policy only are available when an employee sustains a work-related injury or illness, whether temporary or permanent. Surviving family members may also be eligible for benefits if a work-related accident leads to the death of a worker.

To file a workers’ compensation claim, the affected employee does not have to prove fault. They only must provide evidence that their injuries occurred in the course of their employment. Workers’ compensation only requires this form of evidence, whether a co-worker, the employer, the employee, or something else altogether caused an accident that led to injuries.

The workers’ compensation system can be a complicated process involving an insurance company that is not on the side of the injured worker. Their only interest is in saving money by not paying workers the benefits that they deserve. A workers’ compensation attorney in Fayetteville may be able to help workers report their injuries, record the incident leading to the injuries in writing, and submit a claim to the North Carolina Industrial Commission.

Benefits in Workers’ Compensation Claims

Benefits that may be available in workers’ compensation claims are different than damages that may be available in other personal injury actions. A significant portion of workers’ compensation benefits is coverage for all medical care related to the injury or illness. Workers can also claim partial wage replacement if their injuries or illnesses leave them unable to work, whether temporarily or permanently.

In the case of a permanent impairment rating, employees also may be entitled to additional benefits. The full extent of these benefits depends on the severity of the impairment and whether it results in partial or total disability. Likewise, surviving family members of an individual who is killed by a workplace-related illness or injury can claim a death benefit under the worker’s compensation program.

All too often, employers and their insurance carriers tend to minimize workers’ injuries in evaluating workers’ compensation claims. They may refuse to provide the full amount of benefits that the injuries warrant, find that workers are not permanently impaired by their injuries, or otherwise offer settlements that fall short of the maximum benefits. In this situation, a workers’ compensation lawyer in Fayetteville may be able to help.

Consult a Fayetteville Workers’ Compensation Attorney for Advice

The state workers’ compensation program exists solely to help workers who sustain work-related illnesses and injuries, as well as their families. Unfortunately, many insurance carriers focus on maximizing their profits while minimizing the benefits paid to workers. A Fayetteville workers’ compensation lawyer can help pursue workers’ compensation claims and get workers the benefits that they need and deserve following a workplace incident that leaves them unable to work.

Making a claim under state workers’ compensation laws can be a daunting task, especially when your employer and insurance company are uncooperative. Their unfair tactics can lead to substantial delays in getting much-needed benefits during a crisis for you and your family. By getting legal help when you need it most, you may be able to pay your medical bills and receive at least a portion of your wages while you recover from a work-related injury or illness.