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The roads of Fayetteville are full of trucks, a situation that has upsides and downsides. Trucks provide many goods and services we need. But because trucks are so much bigger and heavier than other vehicles on the road, when there is a collision, serious injuries often result. Those injured in a truck accident are advised to consult a Fayetteville truck accident lawyer before too much time passes. A dedicated personal injury lawyer who understands the factors that make truck accident cases unique could assist with collecting evidence and providing advice to help injured victims receive the maximum compensation to which they are entitled.

Types of Compensation That May Be Available in Fayetteville

When a truck accident is proven to be caused by the negligence or wrongful acts of another, that person may be held liable for the consequences of that accident. If the responsible person is an employee performing job duties, that person’s employer may be held liable as well.

When another party is liable, they may be required to pay compensation to offset various effects of the accident. These can include economic losses such as medical bills and compensation for intangible harm such as pain. Damages that may be recovered from a lawsuit or settlement include amounts for:

  • Lost wages due to time missed from work
  • Anticipated reduced future wages
  • Doctor and hospital bills
  • Future medical needs including therapy and medication
  • Help or modifications needed to facilitate daily activities
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of enjoyment
  • Mental anguish

In very rare cases, punitive damages may also be awarded if a court finds that misconduct was “willful and wanton.” These would be additional amounts intended not to compensate the victim but to punish the wrongdoer.

Determining Who May Be Liable for a Truck Crash

While car accidents may involve only two drivers operating vehicles for personal reasons, truck accidents often include commercial vehicles. When a commercial vehicle is involved in an accident, the number of potentially responsible parties often increases. Although this provides more potential avenues for recovery, it also usually means that the parties involved will be represented by experienced legal teams mounting a tenacious defense.

Truck drivers often commit actions that make them liable for accidents, but liability may extend to other parties as well. An accident may be due at least in part to poor maintenance from a service provider, manufacturing defects from a parts supplier, lack of training or dangerous business practices from a trucking company, or hazardous road conditions caused by an outside party. An extensive investigation may be necessary to determine the cause of a crash and the potentially liable parties.

Factors That May Cause Problems with Recovery

In a case to recover damages after a truck accident, there are two key provisions of state law to keep in mind. First, the North Carolina statute of limitations for a personal injury lawsuit is three years, so if a claim is not filed within three years of the accident, it will not be allowed.

Second, the state’s contributory negligence rule can be raised as a defense. If part of the fault for the accident is attributed to the person seeking compensation for injuries, that person may not be able to recover.

Let a Fayetteville Truck Accident Attorney be an Advocate

Those injured in a truck accident often suffer catastrophic injuries, and it may be difficult to comprehend the full effect of the damage for quite some time. A Fayetteville truck accident lawyer could assist in calculating future needs to determine whether a settlement offer provides fair compensation that is reasonable in your particular situation.

A knowledgeable attorney may provide advice and guidance throughout the process, whether a case goes to trial or is settled with an insurance company. To learn how a truck accident lawyer could assist in your case, call now.