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Burn injuries are some of the most severe damages a person can sustain, potentially leaving the victim with long-lasting physical and psychological scars. Furthermore, the required—and often extensive—medical treatment might leave someone with a pile of medical bills, despite their inability to return to work while recovering.

However, if you suffered severe burns due to another person’s careless, reckless, or malicious behavior, you have legal rights and might benefit from speaking with a Fayetteville burn injury lawyer about filing a claim.

A successful claim might be able to grant you compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, and other damages. A skilled catastrophic injury attorney could help to investigate the circumstances of an accident, work to protect your rights, and guide you through each step of the ensuing legal process.

The Steps to File a Burn Injury Claim

For burn injury cases, there are numerous legal avenues an injured claimant may take to pursue compensation, depending on the circumstances. Essentially, North Carolina’s laws of negligence, workers’ compensation, or product liability might apply.


In the case of negligence, an accident victim must be able to show that a person, business, or other entity acted unreasonably under the circumstances or breached some legal duty of care. Then, it must be demonstrated that this breach of duty resulted in an incident that caused the claimant’s burn injuries.

Injured Worker

In a worker’s compensation case, the injured worker must demonstrate that they sustained a severe burn while they were on the job, as well as while they were working within the scope of their employment. Essentially, this means that even burns sustained while on a lunch break—or due to a worker engaging in horseplay—would not typically constitute a valid claim.

Faulty Item

In a case focusing on the liability of a product or item, it must be shown that there was a defect in the manufacturing process or that the product’s design caused a malfunction. Then, it must be demonstrated that this defect resulted in a victim’s burns. The plaintiff might also show that product warnings were absent or unnoticeable, and that consequently, they used the product and burned themselves.

No matter the circumstances, however, a seasoned Fayetteville lawyer could help to determine which of these legal theories might apply to the facts of a given burn injury case—then, they could work tirelessly towards filing a thorough and persuasive claim.

Recoverable Damages in Fayetteville

Burn injuries can result in significant medical care, procedures, treatment, and rehabilitation. Because of this, a claim for compensation might entitle an injured plaintiff to recover numerous damages, both economic and non-economic.

For example, recoverable damages might include lost wages, decreased earning capacity, medical bills, pain and suffering, and mental anguish. Furthermore, an injured claimant might pursue compensation for disfigurement—if the injury results in scarring, as well as if the subsequent medical treatment requires a skin graft.

However, some of these damages do not have a definitive price tag, making them difficult to calculate for claimants unfamiliar with the legal system. A detail-oriented and compassionate Fayetteville attorney could help to assess the full extent of a claimant’s losses after a burn injury in order to request adequate compensation.

Retain a Fayetteville Burn Injury Attorney for Help with a Claim

If you or a loved one was injured in an accident and suffered severe burns, you may feel traumatized and unsure of how to proceed. However, you have legal rights and might benefit from the counsel of a Fayetteville burn injury lawyer.

A dedicated attorney could help to conduct an investigation, gather evidence, and work to file a persuasive claim on your behalf, so that you can focus on your recovery. To discuss your legal rights and options, call a legal professional today.