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Reporting a car accident to your insurance company and consulting with a Raleigh car accident attorney are the first two things to do after a crash. At that moment, or perhaps in the week to follow, you will be interviewed by an insurance adjuster. This will get the ball rolling on any claims that you file in the future, and can ensure that both you and your insurer cannot be charged with fraud. The adjuster will be trying to nail down the facts of the accident.

You also should stick to the bare facts then, but remember that North Carolina is a contributory negligence state; if you admit any fault in the accident whatsoever, this could disqualify you from receiving any compensation at all. Never say that any part of the crash was your fault.

Speaking With An Adjuster

In most circumstances, this interview with an adjuster will be on the phone, though sometimes you might show up at a local office for this. An adjuster has to alert you if the conversation is going to be recorded. If you do not want it to be, say so clearly. Also, if you have hearing issues or if English is not your primary language, notify the adjuster ahead of time so that he or she can be prepared.

Questions You May be Asked

Once the interview is underway, you could be asked a great deal of questions about the accident. Answer them honestly, and when you do not know the answer, you do not want to guess. Just say that you are uncertain or cannot remember. Here are some of the questions you might get:

  • Where did the accident take place?
  • How did the car crash happen?
  • Did anyone get injured? What are their names and contact information?
  • Was there a police report?

You will likely be asked to describe what you witnessed, if there were any other witnesses, whether or not your vehicle was towed, and more. What an adjuster will do with this information is piece it together to figure out what happened, and who is at fault for it. If the other driver is considered to be 100 percent at fault, then you could get an offer from the insurance company, a proposed settlement for the damages you sustained in the crash. Oftentimes, this offer will be outrageously low, which means that you will need to enter a negotiation with your insurer. Of course, there might first be the problem of an insurer assigning blame to you for the accident. If you are considered 1 percent at fault, you lose all rights to compensation.

Hiring a Legal Representative

These are all instances where a Raleigh lawyer from our firm can provide the experience and knowledge you need. Our legal team may be able to help you prove that the other party was entirely at fault for your injuries, and we may also be able to successfully negotiate with insurance for you to receive the full compensation you truly deserve. Learn more when you contact the Whitley Law Firm today!