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Avoid Accidents by Driving Slower on Wet Roads

In North Carolina, it is a well-known fact that it does not take much to turn the roads into slippery landscapes during the fall and winter months. When the roads turn slippery, the chances of car accidents occurring only increases, so people must be wary.

Did you know there is really one way to reduce your chance of getting involved in an accident when the roads are wet?  In order to reduce your chance of getting hurt, you must drive slower.

According to Trooper BA Taylor of the North Carolina Highway Patrol, it is important to drive slower when it is raining.  He said, “If the speed limit’s 70 miles per hour; it doesn’t mean you have to go 70 miles per hour. If it’s raining you want to slow down.”  By doing this, you can reduce your chances of being involved in a serious auto accident that may lead to you being injured or injuring others.

Trooper Taylor says that speeding and people driving too fast or one of the leading causes of accidents on slippery roads and stresses that people should try to slow down.  He said that when people drive too fast on wet roads, it can cause hydroplaning, which occurs when tires lose contact with the road because they are riding on top of water.

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