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Durham Housing Complex Linked to Cases of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

A Durham, North Carolina public housing complex has recently been placed under investigation for its notably poor housing conditions. The complex, McDougald Ter...

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Do Warning Signs Matter in Premises Liability Cases?

When an injured person is trying to show that a property owner is at fault for their accident on the property, such as for a slip and fall accident in a grocery...

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Trampoline Accidents Pose Real Danger to Children

As parents, we love watching our children had a good time. Whether it is playing sports outside with the neighbors, rolling around in the grass and dirt, or pla...

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Who is Liable in a Swimming Pool or Drowning Accident?

For families with small children, swimming pool and drowning accidents are a very prominent fear. Not only are these types of accidents the second leading cause...

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Preventing Slip & Fall Accidents in the Winter Months

Before you know it, fall will be gone and winter will be quickly ascending. For this reason, it is important to understand how to keep your home or your commerc...

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Sporting Events: Premises Liability or Not?

When deciding to partake in the fun of a sporting event, like a hockey or baseball game, one is usually aware of the risks that they may be exposed to—includi...

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Dog Bites: What to do if your child has been bitten.

Children and shorter individuals are often at the highest risk for dog bites in Raleigh, North Carolina and the surrounding areas. While many people believe tha...

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Slip and Fall Accidents: Determining Liability

If you have been a victim of a slip and fall accident and you are thinking about taking legal action, it is important for you to understand liability and how li...

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