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Whitley Law Firm Now Taking Unpaid Overtime Cases

One of our founders, Attorney Robert E. Whitley, Jr, has been practicing law for over two decades. In that time, he has served the workforce of Raleigh and the surrounding communities as a certified workers’ compensation specialist, helping injured workers recover the relief they need to get better, pay their bills, and get back to work.

As Whitley Law Firm enters 2015, our team is excited to announce an extension of the advocacy we provide to North Carolina’s workforce. We will now be available to handle unpaid overtime cases to make sure every eligible employee is paid the rightful wage that they deserve. Our team understands how important it is to maintain a healthy, sustainable workforce, not just for our economy or our community, but for the individuals and families who rely on those wages.

Some related statistics:

  • In 2013, less than four million North Carolinians were employed.
  • North Carolina’s median income has fallen from $51K a year (2000) to $42K (2013).
  • In 2013, North Carolina ranked 46th in average household income.
  • North Carolina’s minimum wage is at the federal minimum: $7.25/hr.

As you can see, fair wages, including overtime enforced by the North Carolina Department Labor, are a much needed in our state’s workforce. When overtime is not honored, families are put at disadvantage and our community as a whole suffers.

Make Sure You Are Paid What You Are Owed

It is not up to an employer to decide what is “fair” when it comes to wages and overtime. That is the state’s job and our legal team is prepared to make that clear in civil court on your behalf. The law protects employees that come forward with a wage dispute.

If you or a loved one have been cheated out of overtime wages, or just simply have questions about possibility of unfair wages, then we encourage your to contact the Whitley Law Firm today. Call us for a free consultation with a dedicated Raleigh unpaid overtime attorney.