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Why are There So Many Cancer Clusters in North Carolina?

Mooresville, North Carolina is just one of the areas in the state that is currently experiencing a suspected cancer cluster. A cancer cluster occurs when a numb...

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New Study Reveals a Serious Issue with Forced Arbitration

Recently, the American Association for Justice (AAJ) released a new report uncovering the truth about forced arbitration. Forced arbitration is a corrupt system...

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Durham Gas Explosion Leads to Death and Multiple Injuries

On April 10, a 61-year old man—and owner of Kaffeinate Coffee Shop—was killed after a contractor, hired by Crown Castle, struck a gas line in downtown Durha...

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Preparing for Hurricane Florence

Hurricane Florence is projected to reach the coast of North Carolina as early as Thursday evening on September 13, 2018. It is never too early to begin planning...

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North Carolina Self-Driving Vehicle Laws

“Backseat driver” takes on a new meaning with the advancement of self-driving vehicles. These vehicles allow commuters to get to their destination without h...

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