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A Motorcyclist Is Legally Allowed to Run a Red Light in North Carolina

Even though many stoplights can only feel like they take an eternity, this almost is the case for some motorcyclists. At certain intersections, the sensors may not be able to read the motorcycle. People on bicycles and mopeds may also suffer from this difficulty. Without “safe-on-red” laws, a motorist may decide to run the red light, to signal cars to pass them to trigger the sensor, or to get off their bike to push the crosswalk button.

Each option poses its risks. And thus, since 2007 motorcyclists are allowed by law to go through a red light—if they follow specific procedure. They would have to stop completely and wait at least three minutes. If the light stays red, and no vehicle or pedestrian is coming to that intersection, then the motorcyclist can carefully proceed through the red light.

Would this law come into play in a motorcycle accident? If a motorcyclist uses this law to run through a red light, but then crashes into someone, then clearly they were not following the law. The intersection has to be empty, with no one approaching, for the cyclist to run through the red. This law would not protect the biker from being liable for running the light.

If the motorcyclist crashes into someone else when they violate this law, then their liability would mean that their insurance company would have to provide coverage to those harmed in the accident—if and only if he or she was the only person at fault.

Because of contributory negligence, if you were at fault in any way for an accident, you lose out on any chance of compensation. If someone is trying to say that you are partially at fault for a crash that they caused, then you need an experienced Raleigh personal injury lawyer who can help you set the story straight and pursue the compensation that you deserve.

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