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Suffering a car accident is certainly a frightening and disorienting experience. While modern vehicles contain advanced safety systems designed to prevent injuries in these sorts of collisions, it is not uncommon for the victims in these incidents to endure severe losses.

A Fayetteville front-end car accident lawyer could help you to prove that another driver’s negligence was the cause of your injuries. This could include building a powerful case against another driver, as well as rebuking any allegations that your own actions contributed to the incident. Therefore, a skilled attorney might prove to be essential through each step of the ensuing legal process.

What Does it Mean to Be Involved in a Front-End Car Accident?

A front-end car accident is any collision between two vehicles where the front of the plaintiff’s car is the focal point for the impact. As a result, a front-end collision may describe an accident where a plaintiff’s car T-bones another vehicle or rear-ends another car. In short, a front-end collision simply means that the front of the plaintiff’s vehicle is where the contact is made.

As with any other collision, it is necessary to fully investigate the incident to assign blame. Courts in Fayetteville and around the state use the concept called contributory negligence. This means that if a jury believes that a plaintiff is even partially responsible for their accident that caused their injuries, that plaintiff cannot collect any compensation. A Fayetteville front end car accident lawyer could help to provide more information about front end car accidents and what a plaintiff needs to prove in court and settlement talks.

What Might a Person Expect After Filing a Claim?

Filing a claim for damages following a front-end car accident does not need to be stressful. Most cases end during the settlement phase without ever going to court. Even so, it is essential to build a powerful case to convince an insurance company to be willing to negotiate.

A crucial first step to filing a claim is to gather evidence concerning the accident. Obtaining a police report about the accident is a great first step. This is an impartial accounting of the accident and may indicate that the officer believed the other party to be at fault. Other key pieces of evidence may include:

  • Traffic camera footage
  • Third party witness statements
  • Accident reconstruction reports
  • Photos and videos of the scene

Plaintiffs must also gather evidence concerning their losses. It is one thing to be able to prove that a defendant was responsible for an accident. It is also necessary to prove the extent of one’s injuries. An attorney could help to gather medical records, information concerning lost earnings, and even evidence concerning how that accident has affected a plaintiff’s quality of life.

Even if a plaintiff builds a powerful case, an insurance company may take steps to delay the case. The laws in Fayetteville under North Carolina Statute §1-52 say that a plaintiff may only pursue damages if they file a case in court within three years of the accident. If an insurance company is able to slow the case, this time limit may expire. A Fayetteville front-end car accident lawyer could help to build a powerful case within the applicable time limits.

A Fayetteville Front-End Car Accident Lawyer May be Able to Help

Many front-end car accidents result in catastrophic injuries for drivers and their passengers. Just because your car endured a collision to its front-end does not mean that you are at fault. Car accident cases must evaluate the actions of both parties to determine if one violated a rule of the road or if their general carelessness was the source of the accident.\

A Fayetteville car accident lawyer could help you in this process. This is especially vital in Fayetteville negligence cases. North Carolina is a contributory negligence state, meaning that any evidence that you were the cause of the accident totally negates any award. It is vital to approach a case from a position of strength. Let a Fayetteville front-end car accident lawyer fight by your side for the compensation that you deserve.