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Perhaps no other type of car accidents that occur on Fayetteville’s roads are more controversial than those that involve side-impacts. Here, the plaintiff’s car takes the collision in a side panel or fender, usually after the defendant hits them with their front-end.

Despite the apparent idea that the car that hits with their front end is liable, disagreements concerning liability in side-impact car accidents are common. As with any other type of car accident case, you will need to prove that the defendant’s driving was the sole cause of the incident.

A Fayetteville side-impact car accident lawyer could help you to prove this claim. A tenacious attorney could help with gathering the evidence needed to demonstrate defendant negligence, making an accurate measurement of your losses, and protecting your rights during settlement talks and while in court.

Common Incidents that Lead to Side-Impact Car Accidents

Side-impact car accidents most often occur in four-way intersections. They could be the result of drivers not understanding the rules concerning rights of way or when one driver chooses to ignore a stop sign or red light. As a result, many side-impact car accidents are referred to as “T-bone” collisions where the plaintiff endures the impact on their side panel.

Side-impact car accidents may also occur when two drivers are moving side by side on the same road in the same direction. Here, a driver may fail to check a blind spot before changing lanes and merge into a plaintiff’s car.

However, just because a plaintiff endures a side-impact does not automatically mean that the other driver is at fault. It is still necessary to prove that a defendant’s negligent driving was the cause of the collision. A plaintiff may share responsibility if they entered an intersection without properly checking for approaching cars. If a defendant is able to prove that a plaintiff was in any way liable for the collision, that plaintiff cannot collect any payments. A Fayetteville side-impact car accident lawyer could help to prove that a defendant was solely responsible for the accident.

Common Losses Resulting from Side-Impact Accidents

The central part of any personal injury claim is a physical and mental harm that a defendant inflicts on a plaintiff. Of course, side-impact car accidents are no exception. Especially in situations where the impact is on a driver’s side of the car, the resulting physical injuries may be significant.

It is not uncommon for physical injuries in these accidents to include:

  • Broken arms or legs
  • Separated shoulders, hips, or knees
  • Severe cuts from broken glass or twisted metal
  • Traumatic brain injuries from a head hitting a window

Any claim for damages following a side-impact car accident would demand payment for any medical costs associated with the incident. However, this may not be the extent of a plaintiff’s damages.

Many injuries also present with extensive pain and suffering. While difficult to measure, a liable defendant is responsible to provide payments for these losses. Some plaintiffs also suffer economic losses. These commonly include the costs of repairing a vehicle or reimbursement for any lost wages because of the defendant’s negligence. A Fayetteville side-impact car accident lawyer could help to measure a person’s losses and demand appropriate payment for those losses.

Let a Fayetteville Side-Impact Car Accident Lawyer Fight for You

Proving defendant liability after a side-impact car accident could be more complicated than it at first appears. While it may seem obvious that a driver who collides with another vehicle using the front of their car is at fault, the fact remains that all car accident cases in Fayetteville demand a full analysis of the facts in the case. When combined with the concept of contributory negligence that negates and plaintiff recovery if they share blame for the accident, this often frustrates many unrepresented plaintiffs.

A Fayetteville side-impact car accident lawyer could help to provide understanding concerning the relevant Fayetteville laws. They could also help to build a powerful case that leaves no doubt as to the idea that a defendant is liable for the incident. Finally, they can work to meet the state’s statute of limitations under North Carolina Statute §1-52, which gives you three years from the date of impact to pursue your claim. Contact a Fayetteville side-impact car accident lawyer today to discuss your case.