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Although the circumstances surrounding a car accident may vary, there is always the potential for the result to be devastating. The injuries that can stem from a car accident in Raleigh can be overwhelming and undoubtedly life-changing for both the injured person as well as their loved ones.

Injuries from a car accident can not only create significant medical bills, but can also affect a person’s ability to live their normal day-to-day life, and can especially impact their ability to work. If a person has a physically intensive job and they get into a car accident that affects their ability to do physical work, it can greatly impact their ability to bring in income, which, as a result, can affect countless other facets of their life.

For this reason, it is very important for a person who has been injured in a car accident to consider filing a car accident claim in Raleigh to ensure they receive the compensation they deserve to cover the damages they have endured.

To file a lawsuit in a car accident claim in Raleigh, a person should have a Raleigh car accident lawyer to help draft the complaint, which is the document filed with the court alleging what happened in the car accident and the various injuries that the person received.

Initial Steps

It is important that a person is close to the end of their medical treatment before they file a car accident claim to ensure the best possible result. An attorney can make sure that all of the facts are gathered, all witnesses have been interviewed, and the doctors were consulted regarding any issues related to causation, the link between the car accident and the injuries. By doing so, the attorney will have the information they need to begin building a case.

Starting the Process

In Raleigh, filing a car accident claim, case, or action means a person is starting the complaint process. A person can file a car accident claim for negligence in the car accident in the Wake County Superior Court or in the district court. Selecting the court is based on the amount of the damages a person may have suffered.

A person can also file a case in federal court, although it is not advisable because the federal court rules may not be favorable to injury clients, and, therefore, it is not advisable to settle a federal claim for a car accident in North Carolina.

It is also important for a person to understand that there are certain time obligations for either side to respond to the claim and exchange information as they head toward a trial date. Even though they filed a claim in North Carolina and Raleigh that does not necessarily mean that they are going to have a trial because many cases are settled without going to trial.

The Right to Negotiate

Even though a person files a car accident claim in Raleigh, the insurance company and their attorney can always continue negotiations. In fact, many times cases are settled as soon as a lawsuit is filed. Most cases are settled through a mediation process, which is a requirement in North Carolina and takes place within a couple of months before the trial. However, cases can also be settled days, or even hours, before a person’s trial.