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When you’re seriously injured through someone else’s negligence or wrongdoing, you deserve an advocate who will treat you with kindness, respect, and compassion while providing exceptional legal representation. Whitley Law Firm is here to do just that. We have focused solely on helping people with personal injury claims for over five decades, so we understand the effects of a serious injury and the legal challenges that arise when claiming compensation.

You should not struggle with your recovery and well-being due to worries about how you’ll cope financially or have to deal with money-motivated insurance companies. When times are tough, our Charlotte personal injury lawyers stand with you, ensuring you are well cared for during the legal process while protecting your right to compensation.

Our good standing and reputation within North Carolina stem from our devotion to providing first-class care for you and your family as we fight for the compensation you deserve. Because we live and work locally, we make genuine connections with our clients. Our roots are here, so we care about the communities we serve. We want to help you and your family, too. Call our team at (919) 739-4448 today for a free consultation.

Your Guide to Personal Injury Claims in Charlotte, NC

  • Damages You Can Recover in a Charlotte Personal Injury Claim
  • How Much Your Personal Injury Claim in Charlotte Is Worth
  • How Long You Have to File a Personal Injury Claim in North Carolina
  • Insurance Companies Are Not Always on Your Side During Negotiations
  • Who You Can Sue in a Personal Injury Claim in Charlotte, North Carolina
  • How Our Charlotte Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help You Move Forward
  • We Manage Many Different Types of Personal Injury Claims in Charlotte, NC
  • Trust Our Empathetic Lawyers to Manage Your Charlotte Wrongful Death Case
  • How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer in Charlotte, NC?
  • Why Our Clients Trust Us With Their Personal Injury Claims
  • Our Personal Injury Lawyer Team’s Awards and Accolades
  • Our North Carolina Personal Injury Lawyer Case Results
  • Considerations After Suffering a Personal Injury in Charlotte, NC
  • Contact Whitley Law Firm for a Free Personal Injury Claim Consultation in Charlotte

Damages You Can Recover in a Charlotte Personal Injury Claim

Our personal injury attorneys in Charlotte are dedicated to providing you with the formidable resources of our firm, so compensation reflects the full extent of your injuries and their effects on your life.

We take great care when we assess your current and anticipated losses. Remember when we said we build genuine connections with everyone we represent? This means we get to know you and your family and see your difficulties and frustrations. As such, we understand clearly how your injuries affect you and your family, your social life, your ability to work, and your future.

By clearly understanding what you have been through, we can be your voice during the legal process, turning your frustrations and worries into action when we lead negotiations with the at-fault party’s insurers. A settlement could cover these and other damages:Attorney Consulting His Client in the Office

  • Your current and ongoing medical costs
  • Your physical therapy and rehabilitation
  • Specialist medical equipment or home care
  • Lost wages if your injuries prevent or limit your ability to work
  • Pain and suffering for the physical and psychological harm caused
  • Lost or damaged property
  • Anything you spent out of pocket

How Much Your Personal Injury Claim in Charlotte Is Worth

How much your personal injury claim is worth will depend on many factors, and none of these can be accurately reflected by any online settlement calculator. The only way to learn what your settlement could be worth is to talk to a lawyer who can examine your evidence and give you an accurate estimate based on your overall damages.

To help your attorney make the most accurate estimate possible, you will need to collect documentation of your accident-related expenses. Documents like medical bills, proof of your lost wages, and receipts from other costs like physical therapy or transportation to and from medical appointments will also be factored into the overall potential of your claim.

In addition to your economic damages, we can also estimate your non-economic damages like pain and suffering based on factors like the seriousness of your injuries, whether or not your injuries are permanent, and whether or not you are suffering from an ongoing issue like post-traumatic stress disorder as a result.

How Long You Have to File a Personal Injury Claim in North Carolina

According to NC General Statutes § 1-52(1)(a),  North Carolina’s statute of limitations is three years from the time of the accident that caused your injuries. There are certain exceptions to this time limit, including exceptions for minors who were injured in an accident.

Under NC General Statutes § 1-53(4), when an accident that is caused by negligence is fatal, you have two years from the date of death to file a wrongful death injury.

It takes time to collect evidence and build a strong claim, so the sooner you contact a personal injury attorney in Charlotte, the sooner we can get to work on your claim. Even if you believe the statute of limitations has expired in your case, it’s still important to talk to a lawyer to see if your case falls into any of the legal exceptions.

Insurance Companies Are Not Always on Your Side During Negotiations

If you suffer injuries, navigating a complex legal procedure may seem like wandering blindfolded into the unknown. Also, just like how personal injury lawyers are experts in managing the legal process, so are claims adjusters in undervaluing cases.

Compensation claims involve many legal processes for all parties involved. For example, insurance companies have teams of highly skilled adjusters and attorneys trained to reduce financial exposure in claims by devaluing, denying, or disputing damages. In some cases, quick settlement offers attempt to resolve matters for as little as possible, compared with what might have been recovered with help from an injury attorney.

Undoubtedly, the impact of serious injuries, lost opportunities, and a life forever changed by someone else’s negligence is devastating. Further, your ongoing care costs could be long-term or permanent if your injuries limit your ability, so it’s vital to protect your future. That’s where Whitley Law Firm comes in. We stand by your side throughout each phase of the legal process.

Who You Can Sue in a Personal Injury Claim in Charlotte, North Carolina

While some personal injury cases may have a clear at-fault party, in other cases, there may be two or more parties who can be held liable for your damages. For example, in a truck accident claim, a truck driver and the trucking company that employs them could be liable.

Depending on the circumstances of your accident, some of the key parties you may be able to sue for compensation after a personal injury accident in North Carolina include:

  • Driver that caused the accident: If another driver’s negligence caused the accident, they can be sued directly. Their insurance company may provide compensation on their behalf.
  • Vehicle owner: The owner of the at-fault vehicle is liable for driver negligence if it was operated with permission, such as in a work vehicle accident.
  • Government agency: If hazardous roads, improperly marked signs, etc. contributed to the accident, the responsible government body can be sued.
  • Property owner: Property owners and occupiers may be sued if unsafe premises contributed to accidents and injuries.
  • Dog owner: The owner of a dog that attacked and injured someone can be sued for compensation.
  • Assailant: If injured during an assault, the perpetrator can be sued in addition to criminal charges.
  • Employer: Employers are liable if the injury was due to unsafe working conditions or requirements.
  • Manufacturer: If the injury was caused by a defective product or device malfunction, the manufacturer may be sued.

An experienced personal injury attorney in Charlotte can evaluate the accident circumstances and identify the negligent party or parties that are responsible for your damages.

How Our Charlotte Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help You Move Forward

We don’t want you to settle for anything less than you deserve. Let us take care of you by taking the stress and hassle out of the legal process. This way, you do not have to worry about building a solid claim, proving liability, calculating your economic damages, or negotiating a fair settlement.

Our Lawyers Know How to Deal With Insurance Companies

Accident claims routinely have certain key elements in common. Investigating, documenting, and proving the cause of your accident, including who was responsible and why, is integral to the process. We must also show how the accident caused or contributed to your injuries, their extent, and severity.

To prove the at-fault party’s negligence and liability, we build a detailed case using evidence such as:

  • Police reports
  • Witness statements
  • Physical evidence from the accident scene
  • Medical records
  • Expert witness testimony from medical and financial experts
  • CCTV or dashcam footage
  • Employment records
  • Evidence formally requested from the at-fault party

When these actions are undertaken effectively, they can result in settlement offers that truly reflect the full extent of the harm caused to you and your family.

We Manage Many Different Types of Personal Injury Claims in Charlotte, NC

Accidents caused by negligence can happen almost anywhere. As such, personal injury law is a broad term covering a wide range of issues related to specific branches of legislation as follows:

Over the last five decades, we have developed a deep understanding of the complex and multi-faceted aspects of personal injury law. We are ready to put this experience to work for you from the moment you reach out to us.

Our teams are dedicated to ensuring you are well supported at every step by providing regular case updates and working hard to secure the compensation you need.

Trust Our Empathetic Lawyers to Manage Your Charlotte Wrongful Death Case

Losing a loved one is one of the most difficult and painful experiences to endure, especially in accidents caused by someone else’s negligence. Please accept our deepest sympathies if you face this distressing situation, but know you are not alone. Although we understand that no money can compensate for who you’ve lost, you have the right to pursue justice and compensation.

Due to the emotional and sensitive nature of fatal accident cases, we hope you will allow us to care for you. Our wrongful death attorneys will tend to your situation with kindness and respect while helping you navigate the complex legal process. We aim to achieve a result that accounts for:

  • Funeral and burial or cremation costs
  • Loss of companionship, care, guidance, and income
  • Pain and suffering
  • Medical bills incurred before the loss of your family member

If you have questions or need help, our team is here to provide a free consultation when you are ready. We want you to take comfort in our counsel and have peace of mind that your case is in capable hands.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer in Charlotte, NC?

If you’re considering whether or not you want to file a personal injury claim, one concern you may have is whether or not you can afford a lawyer. At Whitley Law Firm, we work on a contingency fee basis. This means you can hire an attorney to protect your interests, even if you can’t afford a retainer.

You don’t have to pay our fees until after your case has been concluded. If we can’t negotiate a settlement or win a court award for you, you won’t have to pay at all.

Our personal injury attorneys in Charlotte provide our legal services through contingency-fee contracts. This means our injury attorneys require no money upfront, and you do not have to pay a retainer to benefit from our experience. Further, we do not charge a fee unless we recover compensation on your behalf.

Why Our Clients Trust Us With Their Personal Injury Claims

Aside from providing exceptional legal representation, our clients often talk about the positive effect of our caring, compassionate, client-focused approach. This is reflected in some kind words from our prior clients in the following personal injury testimonials:

  • “I would like to send my appreciation and gratitude out to the Whitley Law Firm in Kinston. Especially to BOB WHITLEY, along with all the other staff members. The entire staff treats everyone with respect, courtesy and dignity. Bob made me feel like I had another family with them. They helped me & my family through the roughest darkest days of our lives. For anyone who is seeking sound legal advice and direction, as well as welcome you in like you are part of their family–WHITLEY LAW FIRM is the ONLY place to call. Thank You all for everything and staying by my side every step I had to make!!” – K.J.
  • “The Whitley Law Firm, Ben, his Father, Jocelyn, everyone will treat you like a member of their family and they stand up for their family! I hope you will give them the chance I did, you will be ever so grateful too! I’m off to the beach now that my troubles are behind me!! Thanks Wonder Woman and Mr. Whitley!” – D.G.

Our Personal Injury Lawyer Team’s Awards and Accolades

Several of the attorneys on our team are rated A.V. Preeminent by Martindale-Hubbell, a peer review rating service. This is the best ranking a personal injury attorney can achieve. It is based on evaluation by other lawyers and additional judicial community individuals. Therefore, it is only awarded to those who consistently demonstrate the highest levels of professional ethics and results for clients.

Attorneys from our firm are also recognized for being among the Top 100 Trial Lawyers in our state, the Top 40 attorneys under 40 years of age, and for lifetime membership in the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum. Less than 1% of attorneys in the U.S. are members of this forum.

To be selected, a lawyer must have produced a trial verdict or settlement of $2 million or more for their clients. These awards and recognitions add up to only one significant fact. When we work for you, you are represented by an attorney and a team with an established record of success.

Our North Carolina Personal Injury Lawyer Case Results

Please keep in mind everyone we help faces unique challenges, and no two accidents are the same, so compensation varies on a case-by-case basis. However, to give you an idea of our ability and experience, here are a few of our more recent personal injury case results:

  • Families of Four Individuals Killed in Apartment Fire Settle for $10 Million: Our clients were the families of four teenagers who died in an apartment fire. We held the apartment complex and the county 911 operators responsible for their damages without putting the victims’ survivors through the emotional trauma of a wrongful death trial.
  • Rural Mail Carrier Injured While Delivering Mail Settles for $5.5 Million: Our client was a postal worker going about her rounds when a tractor-trailer struck her. She suffered paralysis and lost the use of her right eye. We recovered a multi-million-dollar settlement for her past, present, and future losses.
  • Worker Suffers Paralysis and Settles for $4 Million: Our client was an ironworker who fell during the demolition of a structure. An investigation found that his employer acted negligently, and we recovered a significant sum for his losses.
  • A Plaintiff Struck by a Commercial Bus Settled Her Claim for $3.5 Million: Our client was hit by a commercial truck and suffered life-altering conditions. We secured $3.5 million for her losses in a post-mediation conference with the defendant’s attorney’s office.
  • A Plaintiff Riding a Moped Struck by a NC DOT vehicle for $1.17 Million: Our client suffered multiple fractures after being struck by a NC Department of Transportation vehicle. We secured a $1 million settlement with an additional $178,000 settlement for medical expenses.

We hope that these case results instill success in our commitment to delivering client-centered care. When our personal injury lawyers in Charlotte take your personal injury case, we fight for the highest settlement possible.

Considerations After Suffering a Personal Injury in Charlotte, NC

You may feel uncertain about your next steps after suffering injuries. We’re here to offer guidance and support, so you can navigate the process ahead and avoid mistakes that can affect the value of your claim. While your next steps depend largely on your situation, in general, we advise claimants to:

  • Seek medical attention
  • Refer all settlement offers to us
  • Allow their lawyers to handle insurance-related communications
  • Refrain from posting about their cases online
  • Complete their recommended medical treatment plans

If you’re ever unsure about an aspect of your case, you can connect with your lawyer at any time. At the beginning of our partnership, you get your lawyer’s phone number and email address. We make communication easy, and you should never feel in the dark about your case’s progression.

Contact Whitley Law Firm for a Free Personal Injury Claim Consultation in Charlotte

Whitley Law Firm strongly believes that those who are injured by the negligence of others should be treated with fairness, compassion, and understanding. We offer our clients the following benefits:

  • A comprehensive, free case evaluation
  • Award-winning trial attorneys
  • Over 80 years of combined legal experience
  • Representation on a contingency-fee basis
  • As many appointments as you feel you need
  • Seamless communication with your dedicated lawyer
  • Personalized care to ensure your comfort during every stage of the legal process

Throughout our decades of providing personalized legal representation, we have helped thousands of injured people resolve compensation claims. To learn more about your legal options and how we can help today, contact our personal injury lawyers serving Charlotte at (919) 739-4448.

Client Review

By: Jordin B.

Title: I was treated with the utmost respect.

From the moment I called Whitley Law Firm I was treated with the up most respect. Bob Whitley and Nikki Shifts, Sara Green where The Most Professional Staff yet Friendly People you would want to meet. They Listened to your concerns and issues and worked with you on everything that concerned you. They were very punctual on the times of meetings and very. hard workers Bob Whitley will go to bat for you he puts every thing he has on the line to prove your case. He is a very caring yet no none sense lawyer if I had ever needed a lawyer again I would not hesitate for one minute I would choose Whitley law firm any day of the week hands down. He won our case for us and we are happy with the work he has done. He will not hastate to hire professionals in fields needed to prove your case and he knows what he is doing he took our hands and lead us into victory. Than you Bob.

Rating: ★★★★★ 5 / 5 stars