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Inferior vena cava devices, most commonly referred to as IVC filters, are medical implants that are fitted in patients with histories of pulmonary embolisms. They are for individuals who maybe cannot take oral anticoagulants, or who are getting ready to undergo a major surgery. Though their intended function is to catch blood clots before they reach the lungs, they have notoriously been known for breaking apart over time, sending potentially lethal shards through the blood streams of their hosts causing serious damage.

There are two main types of filters. Permanent IVC filters have been around for years. In the early 2000s, manufacturers started coming up with retrievable IVC filters, which, if left in place for longer than recommended, can cause severe problems. For example, part of the metal wiring can break apart, move, or migrate, so that it is not capturing any blood clots which may be forming.

The Raleigh IVC filter lawyers on our defective medical devices team can explain what some of your legal options may be if you have suffered an injury from a defective IVC filter.

IVC Filter Injuries Can Cause Serious Harm

If a retrievable IVC filter malfunctions, it can have very serious ramifications, including causing injury or in severe circumstances, death. If someone believes that they have a claim related to their IVC filter, it is important for them to speak with an attorney to make sure their rights are protected.

Estimates suggest that approximately 40% of IVC filters will fail within 5 years of implantation. When this happens, pieces of the filters break off and travel to other parts of the body, leading to life threatening complications and sometimes death.

A faulty IVC filter can cause the following:

  • Strokes
  • Heart attacks
  • Punctured blood vessels
  • Internal hemorrhaging

In addition to numerous safety warnings and investigations from the FDA, the creators of these devices may have had knowledge that their products were harmful. Initially created as a permanent fixture, early IVC filters had a historically low failure rate. In the early 2000s, however, IVC filters were redesigned to be “temporary” medical devices, enabling doctors to more easily remove them. Despite evidence that the filters could break apart over time, manufacturers continued to push their use, actively ignoring design defects.

Manufacturer’s Further IVC Filter Liability

According to a recent report by NBC Nightly News, faulty IVC filters made by medical device manufacturer C.R. Bard have been linked to an additional 27 deaths, despite the manufacturer’s introduction of the supposedly “safer” G2 version of their oft-failing Recovery filter.

Internal documents recovered by investigators reveal that the company had concerns about reported device failures within as little as four months of their introduction. Even in the face of these revelations, however, the company decided to continue to sell the G2 model for an additional five years until their eventual recall in 2010.

A Raleigh IVC Filter Lawyer Can Help

If you or a loved one have been injured due to a malfunctioning IVC filter, Whitley Law Firm is here to help you seek compensation. Our Raleigh IVC filter lawyers have relentlessly fought to help victims of defective medical devices for years, helping them recover compensation for lost wages, medical expenses, and pain and suffering. With our individualized approach to each specific case, we are confident that we can achieve success for your case in a court of law and we are prepared to do all we can to make sure your voice is heard and ensure that negligent IVC manufacturers are held accountable. These cases are referred to as mass tort cases because many people have been affected by faulty IVC filters, resulting in many lawsuits and multidistrict litigation. Someone interested in filing a claim should understand the general case progression.

Our firm has offices all across the state. When clients seek our help, we will schedule a meeting where we can find out a little bit more information about when and why they had the IVC filter implanted, and then what happened to raise their suspicion that they may have injuries or damages related to the IVC filter.

Since we accept cases on a contingency basis, you won’t pay us anything unless we are successful. Contact us today.

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