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If you have suffered a personal injury because of the actions or failures of another party, it is important to remember your legal rights. However, these rights change depending upon the reasons for your losses.

In general, a defendant is liable if their actions contributed to your losses in a meaningful way. This can include accidents that result in personal injuries as well as criminal activities that cause a loss. In any situation, an injured person bears the burden of proving the defendant’s fault to obtain compensation.

A Wilson personal injury lawyer stands ready to promote a case for compensation during both settlement talks and trials. These claims can demand payments for the costs of medical care, lost earnings, and emotional anguish. However, defendants are not apt to give away money to anyone who asks. A hardworking attorney could help to build a powerful case of the defendant’s fault.

Injuries that Result from Accidents

The vast majority of personal injuries are the result of accidents. In these scenarios, a defendant did not intend to cause any harm to the plaintiff. Still, the law states that because the defendant had a duty to care for the wellbeing of the plaintiff, that the defendant is liable to provide compensation.

These claims arise when a defendant assumes a duty to provide protection. Common examples include:

  • Car, truck, motorcycle, or other accidents on the road. Here, all drivers assume a duty to protect other motorists, bike riders, and pedestrians
  • Premises liability claims where an accident occurs on another’s land. In certain situations, landowners assume a duty to protect guests
  • Product liability claims where a manufacturer produces a defective product that causes harm

Contributory Negligence in Wilson Injury Cases

In all these cases, a plaintiff must prove that a defendant was negligent. Often, this means justifying their own actions. According to North Carolina Statute §1-139, defendants can argue that a plaintiff was contributorily negligent in an incident. This means that if a defendant can prove that a plaintiff contributed to their own injuries in any way, a court must totally negate the award at trial. As a result, a Wilson personal injury lawyer could help to prosecute accident cases that aim to prove that a defendant was the sole party responsible for the incident.

A Wilson Personal Injury Attorney Could Provide Essential Help

Suffering a personal injury is always a confusing and frightening time. You may suffer from an injury that requires immediate medical attention or even hospitalization. At the same time, you may be missing time at work and enduring intense mental anguish. As a result, you may be investigating ways for financial recovery following an accident.

Working with a Wilson personal injury attorney could provide important support. They can handle every portion of the claim to allow you to focus on making your best recovery. This includes gathering essential evidence, tracking down witnesses, and forming demand packages that ask for all appropriate compensation. There is a limited time to pursue a claim, and depending upon the nature of your case, that time may be running short. To get started on a case, schedule a consultation.