When you take medication, you generally expect it to improve your health condition. What you typically do not expect is for the drug to create additional health complications, including those that are extremely serious and even life-threatening. When drugs are not tested, made, or marketed properly, they can end up having serious flaws that could greatly harm the patients who take them. En Español.

As consumers, we should not have to worry that the products that are picking up off of the shelves or the medications that we are being prescribed by doctors will prove to be hazardous to our health later on down the road. Unfortunately, this is a very real possibility when the makers of such products fail to adequately warn consumers of the risks that they could face.

What Makes Some Drugs Dangerous? | Whitley Law Firm

Pharmaceutical companies are generally major corporations that bring in up to billions of dollars in revenue a year. The main priority for these companies is oftentimes maintaining and growing their profits, which leads some drug makers to keeping certain drugs on the market even when these products are unsafe to consumers. When drug companies produce and sell drugs that are dangerous to the public, they need to be held accountable.

If you were injured by a dangerous drug, do not hesitate to consult with one of our knowledgeable North Carolina personal injury lawyers at Whitley Law Firm, who handle dangerous drugs cases and many other types of product liability cases.

We want to help you take the steps that are needed in your claim or lawsuit so you can be more likely to obtain full financial recovery for your losses. These might include losses such as medical expenses, lost income, physical pain and suffering and much more.

Some of the major drugs that have been subject to litigation include:

Types of Errors Made by Drug Companies

There are many different causes can lead to a drug being dangerous for consumers. The drug companies might have made the drugs in a way that resulted in harmful side effects, which can end up being even more dangerous than the conditions that the drugs are intended to treat. These are inherent problems with the drugs themselves, with the problems sometimes being caused by a lack of proper testing or by testing errors. In other cases, a certain batch of the drug might have been contaminated or incorrectly bottled.

Furthermore, when labeling includes misinformation or a lack of vital information about the drug and its side effects, the consumer can be seriously harmed. The party at fault might be the actual drug maker (the pharmaceutical company), or it might be a testing lab a pharmacy or another party that acted negligently.

Importance of Having a Raleigh Dangerous Drugs Lawyer

Having strong legal representation is vital in dangerous drug-related claims and lawsuits. Drug companies and other liable parties might try to shift the blame by alleging that the victim’s health complications were due to pre-existing conditions or other causes, such as misuse of the drug by the consumer. By having a dangerous drugs attorney by your side, you can ensure that your case is being proven in the most effective way possible.

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