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For years, Prilosec served as one of the most popular treatments of acid reflux disease and heartburn. Prilosec and similar drugs like Nexium are proton pump inhibitors. These drugs reduce the amount of acid in a person’s stomach by limiting the amount of acid gastric parietal cells in the stomach can produce.

Prilosec was routinely used to treat ulcers, esophagus erosion, and other reflux-related conditions. Despite its track record of success, investigators identified serious and unexpected side effects that could prove fatal for many patients.

If you have taken Prilosec, a skilled personal injury attorney could advise you of your rights. Any illness or injury brought on by continued use of the drug could result in monetary compensation with the help of a Raleigh Prilosec lawyer.

Complications of Long-Term Prilosec Use

There is a long list of potential side effects resulting from the use of Prilosec. These side effects include headache, nausea, vomiting, and upper respiratory tract infections, to name a few. In addition to these minor side effects, researchers identified far more serious complications for some long-term users.

The serious risks of long-term Prilosec use center around damage to the kidneys. Researchers found a link between the use of the drug and acute interstitial nephritis, which is the swelling of the kidney. This condition is a precursor to renal failure and chronic kidney disease – both of which may also be linked to Prilosec use.

The severity of these conditions is tied directly to the length of time a person used the drug. Research has not found a link between those who took Prilosec for short periods. However, research has found the chances of kidney disease skyrocket for those who have taken Prilosec for more than 90 days continuously. A Raleigh attorney could advise a patient suffering from these conditions if they had a claim based on past Prilosec use.

The Duty to Warn

Drug manufacturers like the makers of Prilosec are required to warn prospective users of the risks that come with their drugs. Despite that, the pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca never warned the general public about the serious risk of kidney damage that could come with extended use of Prilosec. A Raleigh attorney could pursue the makers of Prilosec on behalf of victims based on the makers’ failure to warn.

Recoverable Compensation in a Prilosec Claim in Raleigh

The compensation available with a successful Prilosec claim depends on the severity of the damage the drug has caused. Treating kidney problems can be costly, and often requires lifelong specialized care.

If a doctor determines a past Prilosec user is suffering the effects of renal failure or kidney disease, an experienced attorney could assist them in recovering monetary compensation. This compensation could include any medical expenses incurred up until the date of the lawsuit. If it appears future medical care is necessary, it is also possible to pursue compensation for those anticipated medical expenses. Other damages like lost wages or pain and suffering could also be included in the lawsuit.

Work with a Raleigh Prilosec Lawyer

The process of holding a pharmaceutical company accountable for a defective drug could seem overwhelming. However, these companies owe the general public a duty, and the failure to uphold that duty should not be taken for granted.

A Raleigh Prilosec lawyer could assist you in seeking compensation from AstraZeneca and any other entities responsible for your condition. Schedule a free case evaluation to learn more.