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While they are not as frequent as other forms of injury, a person may suffer severe trauma from exposure to certain chemicals—usually, these result from industrial accidents, lead paint exposure, and hospital errors. If you or a loved has suffered exposure to toxic or deadly chemicals, consider contacting a Raleigh toxic chemical exposure lawyer for help.

All landowners and property managers must maintain the safety of their property for visitors. A failure to do so could expose people to preventable harm, and therefore might leave the landowner liable for any resulting damages such as exposure to toxic chemicals. A well-practiced liability attorney could help a claimant to explore their legal options and, if possible, work to pursue a claim for compensation.

Exposure to Toxic Chemicals as a Visitor

Premises liability outlines how landowners must take reasonable steps to protect visitors from sustaining accidental harm. This standard generally applies to shopkeepers, construction companies, and hospitals, and the question of whether a landowner took these measures is the focal point of many toxic chemical exposure cases.

For example, a case wherein a claimant was exposed to toxic or dangerous substances while visiting a supermarket might need to examine the everyday use of these specific chemicals and determine whether the store appropriately warned a visitor about their use. A Raleigh toxic chemical exposure lawyer could help an injured person gather evidence to try and demonstrate that a landowner was negligent in their care and that this neglect resulted in damages. Exposure can lead to contamination and this can be found also in the water and that was a fact that happened at Camp Lejune. If you were exposed to this type of contamination in that place during the time that took place, you have a right to contact a Camp Lejeune water contamination lawyer.

The Rights of Tenants in Raleigh

The burden of safety placed on all landowners also applies to the relationship between a landlord and a tenant. Specifically, a landlord must ensure that their property is suitable for safe living. Naturally, this includes ensuring that toxic chemicals, such as lead or radon, are not present. Landlords in Raleigh who fail to uphold this standard might be held liable for any damage that affects their tenants as a result.

Compensable Damages in a Claim

Exposure to toxic chemicals might cause lung or eye irritation, severe burns, or even infections. As a result, a claim for damages in Raleigh could demand the payment of any medical bills associated with toxic chemical exposure, as well as payments for any pain or suffering endured in the incident. A compassionate toxic chemical exposure lawyer in Raleigh could help to assess any and all damages a claimant suffered from in order to seek adequate compensation.

Let a Raleigh Toxic Chemical Exposure Attorney Help

Exposure to a toxic chemical could result in severe trauma, as well as extensive personal and financial losses. If you were injured after coming into contact with these dangerous substances, you might benefit from speaking with a Raleigh toxic chemical exposure lawyer.

Because all landowners have an obligation to protect visitors, you might be able to seek compensation for any damages they have caused. However, the statute of limitations places a three-year time limit on when a claim must be filed. By retaining a proactive liability attorney to gather evidence and build a case for compensation, you could focus on your recovery. To schedule a consultation, call today.