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When people suffer brain injuries, the symptoms that they incur will depend upon the severity of their injuries, as well as the part of the brain that has been affected. For example, people who suffer injuries to the left side of their brain tend to remain unconscious longer than those who suffer injuries to the right side of their brain. If you or a loved one is suffering from these symptoms, it is important to contact a doctor and seek medical attention. Once you have received medical treatment, you can contact a Raleigh brain injury lawyer for a free case evaluation.

People who have sustained mild brain injuries may develop a vast array of symptoms including:  nausea, headache, bombing, dizziness or blurred vision.  Over time, these symptoms will generally subside.

However, when people have suffered serious or traumatic brain injuries, their symptoms may be permanent or become worse with time.  It is common for people who have suffered serious brain injuries to have ongoing headaches, emotional difficulties such as mood swings and loss of memory, slurred speech, fatigue, loss of coronation and deficits in social behavior.

Traumatic Brain Injuries

There are two types of brain injuries that people may suffer: traumatic brain injuries (TBI) and non-traumatic brain injuries. While both types can be devastating for individual sufferers and their families, those that suffer TBIs develop symptoms that may not only be permanent in nature, but life-threatening.

When people have sustained traumatic brain injuries, they may experience the following symptoms: memory loss, slurred speech, immobility, loss of digestive functions, loss of respiratory functions, insomnia, mood swings and persistent pain.

As you can imagine, these symptoms can disrupt a person’s quality of life indefinitely, which is why people who have sustained TBIs due to other people’s negligence are allowed to file claims in the state of North Carolina. By filing claims, brain injury sufferers may be able to collect monetary damages for their medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

If you or someone you love has suffered a brain injury due to the negligence of a third party, contact the Whitley Law Firm today and set up a time to speak with a Raleigh brain injury lawyer. We have handled numerous brain injury cases and would welcome the opportunity to provide you with advice and guidance.

Hypoxic and Anoxic Brain Injuries

Did you know that your brain uses 20% of the oxygen that is ingested by your body?  The oxygen supplied to the brain is used to send signals to other parts of your body, controlling essential functions like breathing.  Anytime oxygen is completely or partially cut off from the brain, people may suffer hypoxic-anoxic injuries.

Whenever there are reduced oxygen levels, the brain’s ability to function may become impaired and so too will bodily functions.  Sadly, people may suffer hypoxic-anoxic brain injuries from numerous things, including gunshot wounds to the head, birth injuries or even blunt force trauma.

After people have sustained hypoxic-anoxic brain injuries, they may develop symptoms like:  lack of coordination, abnormal physical movements, weakness in body parts, paralysis, and quadriplegia.  Victims who have suffered these types of brain injuries may also find that it is difficult to follow instructions.

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If you or someone you love has suffered a brain injury due to lack of oxygen and you believe negligence was involved, now is the time to contact the Whitley Law Firm and speak with our personal injury team in Raleigh.