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If you are among those who own a Vespa or a motor scooter, you know the enjoyment and advantages that could come from riding these motor vehicles. When sharing the roadways with other automobiles, buses, and trucks which are bigger and faster, you may be vulnerable to collisions as a motor scooter driver. Other motorists may not easily see you or may not have the proper respect for you as a fellow motorist. An accident could lead to severe injuries and significant medical bills. If you suffered an injury due to another motorist’s negligent actions, consider learning more about Raleigh Vespa and motor scooter accidents and laws.

A skilled lawyer who is familiar with the rules and regulations of the roadway could serve as a substantial ally in court. Reach out to an attorney who could evaluate your case and potentially advocate on your behalf during court proceedings.

Laws for Raleigh Vespa and Motor Scooter Riders

Operating a less conventional or smaller vehicle such as a Vespa or motor scooter typically does not exclude a person from legal alternatives that may be available after sustaining injuries in a traditional collision. The law generally grants the same protections for all motorists on the roadway despite the size of their vehicle.

When a person is hurt in a motor scooter accident, there are generally many interested parties. The other driver may have also been injured and they may have already hired an attorney. The other driver’s insurance company, as well as their claims adjusters and attorneys, will likely be involved. Furthermore, an injured driver’s own insurance company may also want to talk to speak with them. A Raleigh motor scooter accident lawyer could handle the communications with these entities and help decipher their true motives. An injured person could easily make a statement that may be used against them in court, as a result, it could be prudent to allow a dedicated injury attorney to advocate for them.

When Negligence Causes Accidents

Vespa and scooter accidents typically involve an area of the law known as “personal injury.” The law may seek to determine if one or both of the parties are at fault, or “negligent.” In some instances, the courts may rule that there has been “comparative negligence” and assign each driver a percentage of the fault. These generally are legal standards that require evidence and proof. Experts, such as accident reconstruction specialists, may be involved to determine exactly what happened. People who witnessed the accident may be interviewed. Police officers and their reports may also be important evidence. All of these parties may be called to testify, both for the claimant or for the other driver, should the case go to trial.

The legal system can be complex and confusing. Much is at stake, including valuable time and money. It may be important to retain the professional help of a Raleigh attorney knowledgeable in the law regarding Vespa accidents who could work to protect all of your interests throughout the legal process.

Compensation for Injuries

The law also may assign financial damages to motor scooter accident plaintiffs when the other driver is determined to be at fault. Serious injuries common to Vespa and scooter motorcycle drivers generally include head trauma, abrasions, road rash, fractures, and spinal cord damage.

An injured person could potentially receive damages such as:

  • Property damage
  • Lost wages
  • Medical bills
  • Physical therapy
  • Occupational retraining
  • Pain and suffering

A person who was injured due to the negligence of another driver while on a scooter or Vespa, may want to speak with a trustworthy motor scooter accident attorney who could explain the various important procedures that could surround Raleigh Vespa and motor scooter accidents and laws. Schedule an appointment today and begin determining legal options.

Understanding Raleigh Vespa and Motor Scooter Collisions and Laws

If you have been involved in a Vespa or scooter motorcycle accident in North Carolina, there typically is a three-year limitation on the time you have to take action. It typically is important that you act soon to preserve your rights. Request more information on Raleigh Vespa and motor scooter accidents and laws by arranging for a legal consultation with an accomplished motor scooter lawyer.