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If you or someone you know has been repeatedly turned down for social security benefits that he or she deserves because of permanent disability, an experienced attorney at Whitley Law Firm can help. We have experience in disability determinations and regularly help the people of North Carolina get the compensation they need.

Unfortunately, the majority of disabled people who apply for social security disability benefits are actually denied benefits an average of two times before receiving compensation. A Social Security Disability attorney at our firm can help you cut through the red tape to help you get the benefits that are rightfully yours because you are unable to work. Pursue the caring help you need by contacting the firm’s Raleigh Social Security Disability lawyer!

Were you denied much needed benefits?

Whether you have suffered a work-related injury such as a heart attack that led to your disability, or your health has gradually declined, preventing you from working, we can help you get the benefits you need. Even if you filed an initial claim and have been denied social security disability benefits, you will still have the chance to appeal the decision. Not doing so is one of the most common mistakes people can make. Our firm guides clients through filing the application and obtaining supporting physician statements to help make sure they receive the maximum monthly and retroactive benefits they qualify for.

If you need help or have a loved one that is unable to work and have been denied benefits,  visit our contact page for a free case evaluation. Our Social Security Disability denial attorneys have helped hundreds of Raleigh citizens and North Carolina people receive the benefits and compensation they are entitled to.