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Aircraft mechanics play a vital role in keeping fleets of airlines aloft. However, despite years of training and strict safety guidelines, these jobs are highly dangerous. The use of tools, machinery, and many moving parts combine to make on the job injuries common. When a worker suffers an injury while on the job, they may have the right to file a workers’ compensation claim. 

Unfortunately, the airlines and their workers’ compensation insurance providers maintain high-profit margins by denying these claims whenever possible. They can deny a claim for almost any reason ranging from incorrect or late paperwork to disputing whether the injury is work-related. 

The denial of  Raleigh aircraft mechanic injury claims can be appealed. An experienced airline workers’ compensation attorney could work with employees who have suffered work-related injuries to obtain the compensation they deserve and fight back against the insurance companies. 

Dangers Aircraft Mechanics Face at Work

Aircraft maintenance facilities are dangerous places. On top of the obvious dangers that accompany working on large engines and moving parts, mechanics must utilize large power tools that require both skill and attention to detail to operate properly. Any failure to do so can result in a catastrophic injury.  

Common injuries that aircraft mechanics suffer include: 

  • Broken bones from falling tools or slip and falls 
  • Burns from heat and chemicals 
  • Separated joints from getting caught in machinery 
  • Deep cuts from rotor blades 

Any of these injuries may be the source of a workers’ compensation claim. However, injuries that are the result of repetitive stress may be just as valid. Maintenance workers can suffer degeneration of joints or tendons from years of performing the same tasks. When these conditions become so severe as to prevent a person from doing their job, they may be able to claim these injuries in Raleigh aircraft mechanic injury claims. 

Workers’ Compensation Claims for Aircraft Mechanics 

North Carolina strictly regulates all workers’ compensation policies that affect workers in the state. Specifically, Chapter 97 of the state’s statutes controls vital issues such as which companies must maintain a policy, how a person can file a claim, and what procedures affect appeals. 

The law states that all companies that employ at least three employees must maintain a workers’ compensation policy. It also states that employers are permitted to nominate a doctor to treat workplace injuries that are the source of a workers’ compensation claim. Employers also must refer all claims for benefits to their insurance providers after the employee notifies them of the injury. 

Employees also have obligations under the law. They must immediately inform their supervisor of the injury and submit a written account of the injury within 30 days. Once they are directed to a doctor for treatment, they must follow through to make their best possible recovery.  

North Carolina is one of a few states that require parties in dispute over workers’ compensation claims to submit to a mediation session. This session is intended to encourage the parties to come to a fair settlement without involving the state’s agencies. Only if this mediation fails can a person file an appeal with the state. A workers’ compensation attorney may be able to help aircraft mechanics with this complex process when their Raleigh aircraft mechanic injury claims for benefits are denied. 

Speaking with an Attorney About Raleigh Aircraft Mechanic Injury Claims

Insurance companies may deny Raleigh aircraft mechanic injury claims for many reasons. No matter the cited reason, people have the right to appeal the denial to obtain the benefits they deserve. Hardworking employees who suffer injuries on the job have the right to receive payments for any lost wages and for any lost future work ability. 

A lawyer may be able to help people who are experiencing difficulty receiving these vital payments. Contact an attorney today to discuss your case.