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Our Winston-Salem slip and fall lawyers are here to support you and your family after suffering injuries on another party’s property. We understand how frustrating it is to be injured by someone else’s negligence and how this affects your physical and emotional well-being.

We want you to focus on your health with the peace of mind that your case is in capable hands. However, providing exceptional legal representation is only part of what we do. At Whitley Law Firm, comforting you during the legal process is equally as important as the results we achieve. You are far more than a case file–– and you deserve a strong advocate who genuinely cares about your situation. Begin a free case review today when you call (919) 785-5000.

Why Partner With Our Winston-Salem Slip and Fall Lawyers?

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Unfortunately, slip and fall accidents can happen almost anywhere, from private residences to government buildings. To recover damages, you must demonstrate how you were injured, why someone else is responsible, and the extent of your current and ongoing financial damages.

Without a solid evidence-backed case, it can become little more than your word against the defendant’s, which could affect your settlement or even your entitlement to compensation. Our personal injury lawyers can advocate for you by:

  • Calculating your losses
  • Filing your claim/lawsuit
  • Investigating the accident
  • Managing all relevant communications
  • Applying state law to your case
  • Protecting you from bad faith insurance practices
  • Determining fault and liability for the fall

We Protect You From Unfair Allegations of Fault in Winston-Salem

Slip and fall cases involve insurance companies that want to settle for as little money as possible. So, an early offer may not be enough to cover your needs. Another difficulty of pursuing a slip and fall claim in Winston-Salem is our state’s adherence to contributory negligence. Per North Carolina law, you cannot legally collect damages if you are found to be responsible in any way for your injuries.

Both of these elements (the desire to save money and issues involving fault) can complicate your case. Whitley Law Firm acts as your shield during this challenging time. We protect you from allegations of fault that can prove frustrating and delay your case. Our lawyers do this by presenting compelling evidence and standing our ground against uncooperative entities.

Our Lawyers Prove Your Case’s Required Elements in Winston-Salem

Imagine that you slipped and fell at a chain grocery store. The store’s employees did not fix the spill that led to your fall or warn customers of the danger. To recover damages for a slip and fall, you must prove negligence. But what does this entail?

Your lawyer can prove these four elements:

Duty of Care

The store owner or manager is responsible for ensuring their premises are safe for customers and dealing with hazards, such as by placing warning signs. They have a duty of care to keep lawful visitors safe.

How we establish duty of care:

We conduct a thorough investigation to uncover the cause of the accident, identify the liable parties, and gather compelling evidence.

Breach of Duty

We must show how the store’s owner did not keep the premises safe for guests. Going back to the previous example, allowing a spill to go unaddressed would constitute a breach in their duty of care.

How we prove breach of duty of care:

We gather and organize the evidence to prepare a robust case. For example, video footage from security cameras or witness statements could demonstrate that the spill went unaddressed.


If the manager had attended to the spill and warned you about the danger, it is unlikely you would have been injured. However, the manager breached their duty of care, and you slipped. So, we must link the property owner’s inactions to your injury.

How we prove causation:

Again, evidence is vital here. We can use medical reports, accident reports, video footage, and witness testimony to connect your injuries to the accident.


Let’s assume you suffered a broken leg from the accident. You may be unable to work while you recover, resulting in lost income. In addition, you could suffer long-term pain after the injury has healed, requiring ongoing medical treatment, or you might experience anxiety after the accident, affecting your mental health.

How we prove that you have damages:

All of your physical, emotional, and financial damages are compensable. These include:

  • Medical bills
  • Treatment and rehabilitation costs
  • Lost wages and diminished earning capacity if your injuries affect your ability to work
  • Physical pain and emotional suffering, such as long-term pain, PTSD, or anxiety
  • Lost or damaged property

We carefully assess how your injuries affect you and your family. Once we understand your challenges, we can be your voice when we lead negotiations with insurance companies for an appropriate level of compensation to meet your needs, both now and in the future.

If all this sounds daunting, do not worry. We will cut through the legal jargon and complicated insurance laws so you always understand what to expect from the claims process. If you have questions or are worried about something, we are here. You can make as many appointments with us as you need, and you’ll be given your attorney’s direct cell phone number and email for responsive, effective communication.

When You Fall on Tough Times, We Offer Help at No Upfront Cost

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Our slip and fall lawyers will tend to your needs with wholehearted care, ensuring you have the support you need for an effective, hassle-free recovery.

We know you may worry about paying medical bills or how you will continue to support your family while you cannot work. That’s why we provide our legal services on a contingency-fee basis to make things easier financially. This means no upfront or hidden costs and transparency about our fees. You only pay us if we recover compensation in a settlement or court verdict.

We Are Just a Phone Call Away if You Need Answers to Your Questions

If you’re interested in partnering with our Winston-Salem slip and fall lawyers, we are happy to provide a comprehensive, free consultation at (919) 785-5000. During this consultation, we will help you understand your legal options for pursuing compensation and the next steps for your claim. Our main goal is to set you on the right path for your recovery, so there’s never any obligation to work with us after our discussion.