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Slip and fall accidents that occur on another owner’s property can be particularly hazardous, causing damage such as broken bones, bruises, head injuries, and more.

Accidents in which a person slips or trips on an improperly placed object, a poorly maintained walkway or sidewalk, and other negligent behaviors in Winston-Salem may be legally compensable under North Carolina personal injury law.

If you have been injured due to a slip and fall accident, do not hesitate to call an experienced Winston-Salem slip and fall lawyer who can assist you in bringing a claim against the negligent person or entity who is liable for the harm you sustained. To learn more consult with a Winston-Salem injury attorney to discuss your case today.

Slip and Fall Injury Claims

Bringing a claim due to a slip and fall injury sustained on another owner’s property can be a difficult, though certainly not impossible, task to take on. First of all, figuring out exactly who is liable for the person’s injuries and proving liability can be a complicated issue, considering all the possible defendants that could be involved.

For example, if somebody slips and falls on a foreign substance in a grocery store, those liable for their injuries could be any number of entities – including the store itself, the store’s parent company, the building owner, and others. You will need the assistance of an attorney experienced in handling personal injury cases in Winston-Salem with many possible defendants, and one who is able to prove liability.

Moreover, any slip and fall case will often involve insurance companies. The insurance company of the place where a person slipped and fell may try to contact them and offer an appealing settlement without involving any attorneys. Though this may seem like the most expedient option, these settlements are often not in the injured party’s best interest, as the goal for insurance companies is to reduce payouts.

Having an experienced Winston-Salem slip and fall attorney at your side will be invaluable in helping you avoid unfair settlements and obtain the compensation you deserve by law.

Contributory Negligence

Filing a slip and fall injury claim in a timely manner is of the utmost importance, which is something an experienced lawyer understands. Under North Carolina Gen. Stat. § 1-52, the statute of limitations for filing a civil lawsuit for “any injury to the person or rights of another” is three years.

Any claims not filed within three years of the date of the injury will very likely not receive compensation, which is an important aspect of personal injury law that must be kept in mind.

One of the main difficulties of pursuing a slip and fall claim in Winston-Salem is the State’s adherence to the idea of contributory negligence. This means that in the State of North Carolina, if you are found to be responsible for any portion of your injuries – even if you are determined to be one percent liable – you cannot legally collect damages.

North Carolina’s use of contributory negligence makes it even more necessary for you to obtain the assistance of an experienced Winston-Salem slip and fall lawyer, who has the skills and the tools you need to prove you are not at all responsible for your injuries.

How an Attorney Can Help

Give yourself some peace of mind while you are recovering from your injuries by contacting a Winston-Salem slip and fall attorney who is experienced in these types of claims.

The legal process can seem daunting at first, but with the help of a skilled lawyer at your side, you will know everything is being done to ensure you receive the settlement you deserve.