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Family Settles Wrongful Death Lawsuit With Hospital

Monday, May 12, 2014, a family reached a settlement in their claim against a hospital, the hospital they blame for a 13-year-old boy’s death. The teen had suffered a skateboard accident on June 28, and a respiratory therapist was in the ambulance that transported the boy. Medical personnel had chosen to insert a breathing tube, says the family’s lawyer, but without sedating him correctly. This meant that he was able to wake up, and when he did he yanked the tube out of place.

The lawyer said that when personnel put the tube back down his throat, it actually reached down his esophagus instead of his trachea. And only then was the teen given sedation. He could not breathe unaided, but was without a properly inserted breathing tube, says the lawyer. In all, he went 35 minutes without oxygen. He would soon pass away.

His family filed the claim against the hospital back in November. Both sides agreed to the undisclosed settlement this week. The boy’s parents and the hospital also said they would work with an expert to go over the hospital’s policies to see if any changes are in order.

If you have lost a loved one due to a driver, medical professional, or employer’s negligence, there is of course, no legal action that can fix things. But in this intense time, you may be faced with financial difficulties. A wrongful death claim could enable you to seek justice on your loved one’s behalf, while also helping you to overcome the financial burdens that have been placed on you.

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